How good is the Amazon influencer program

Amazon's influencer platform: one hand washes the other

Amazon is testing an influencer platform in the USA that offers social media sizes commissions for products sold that they have advertised. This platform is still very exclusive compared to the existing Amazon Affiliates.

The Amazon Influencer Program goes beyond affiliates

With the Amazon Afilliate Program, virtually anyone can earn money by referring to Amazon products via a link. These links can easily be included in a blog, etc. While it is easy to register for this program, the influencer program, which has only been tested in the USA so far, is actually reserved for influencers with many followers. In addition, they should have a high frequency of posts whose content is suitable for marketing Amazon products.

The influencers can only be accepted into the program by invitation. But if a social media celebrity wants to join, you can send a three-step application for an invitation to Amazon. Here must:

  • a list of the URLs of the social media accounts can be given in Amazon's public profile page settings
  • Your own email address can be verified in the account settings
  • the interest in the program can be confirmed with a click of a button

Those who are invited have the opportunity to include a vanity URL on their respective social media channel that refers to Amazon products. With this, the influencers can then generate payments, depending on the purchases they initiate through their promotion of the products.

Which influencers are eligible for the program

With regard to the selection of invitees, there are no clearly set sizes with regard to the number of followers. As Tech Crunch reports, Amazon also scrutinizes metrics such as the quality of posts, their relevance for Amazon products and the engagement of followers on various channels. Influencers should become part of the program in a wide variety of areas in order to then show users curated product combinations.

This is how What’s Up Moms does. Products that are recommended by moms who give tips, especially on YouTube, can be found specially compiled on Amazon.

This page can be reached at the online retailer via said link, which in the case of What’s Up Moms can be found in the field below the video.

In addition, individual products are also listed under videos with links. For example with the video on the child-friendly slime!

How Amazon is instrumentalizing social media greats

According to Amazon, the products that are featured are subject to the choice of influencers. The company is taking a path in which more and more influencers are involved. Because these have an engaging effect on the user. According to a study by Linqia, 48 percent of marketers planned to increase the budget for influencer marketing in 2017. YouTube in particular offers an effective platform for influencers. Because, according to Google itself, around 70 percent of teenagers are more connected to YouTubers than “traditional” celebrities. In addition, according to the study, 60 percent of YouTube subscribers would be more likely to give their favorite YouTuber a buy recommendation than a TV star.

Amazon has understood how to look for influencers as partners. Because competitor Zalando, which enjoys a kind of supremacy in the clothing segment in Europe, also uses celebrities to recommend its own products. By, for example, well-known yoga teachers giving tutorials on YouTube, while links to the products seen appear under the video. But Amazon has already harnessed famous people in the fashion segment. The model Barbara Palvin also advertises fashion on Amazon via YouTube.


Ultimately, the Amazon influencer platform is just a test in the USA. And the company will wait and see how the project drives sales. The prerequisites seem to be good, however, as more and more users are listening to the voice of bloggers and co. Should the program prove successful, Amazon will certainly invite more influencers to participate. For them as well as for the company, a profit could be made. However, the still prevailing exclusivity of the program would be on the test. The program may then also be rolled out in Europe.

However, such a dynamic would possibly cast the shadow of a doubt on the supposedly unbiased pre-selection of products by influencers. However, it is precisely then that they can confirm the trust that users have placed in them.