How do I stop stealing food

Theft: what to do if the dog steals?


Every dog ​​can learn to distinguish between things that are theirs and things that are taboo. Therefore, you should create a box for your thief from which he can steal to his heart's content. Of course there are lots of things in the box that he prefers to steal. So a sock, a shoe, a stuffed animal, etc. - just for him alone! The difference to the things that are taboo is the smell: everything that smells of him belongs to him. Anything that doesn't smell like that is forbidden. By the way, a simple supportive trick is to leave as little of the forbidden as possible. What cannot be reached is not stolen.

2. Oh, you horror!

A shock is a deterrent. This works very well for various bad habits - you can also try the method for theft. To do this, you'll need a few items from a joke store. For example, a hissing box that sounds the alarm if you touch it. Or a "box devil", a box from which a doll pops out on a spiral when it is opened. It is important that the preferred stolen goods are now placed on or in the hissing box or the spiral box. Because only if the shock is linked to the coveted steal object, the deterrent also works.


The best and most effective solution is (as with any undesired behavior): You catch the dog stealing and can react to it accordingly. And best of all with a loud and energetic "NO!" Or you can use the typical deterrent measures, such as a can filled with gravel, which you throw on the floor and which makes a real noise. But that only works if you catch the dog thief in the act.


Sometimes dogs steal because they have nothing better to do. Boredom often gives rise to the strangest ideas - I'm sure all parents know that too. Dogs need enough physical and mental exercise. That being said, there are two other things you should ask yourself about. On the one hand there is the possibility of a false pregnancy: Perhaps your dog wants to build a nest out of the stolen property? Or that of unconscious confirmation. Maybe the first time your dog dragged in a shoe, did you find it funny and cute? No wonder he keeps doing it.


Your dog could be stealing for just one reason: he wants to be close to you. That might sound like a paradox, but after all, many of the stolen items are likely to smell from you. So the dog may simply collect your odorous substances. To find out whether there is a hidden separation fear behind the thieving behavior, you should ask yourself the following questions: Is your dog alone a lot? Does he show signs of psychological stress such as constant licking of his paws? Is he extremely clingy when you are at home? If all of these apply, your dog may need another extra “stay alone” training.

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