Why do people love music that is too loud

Bad hearingHearing impairment: To often to Lute music

Almost every fifth person worldwide is affected by hearing loss. 1.1 billion people are at risk of hearing loss from listening to too loud music too often.

Our ears are not doing very well. The World Health Organization wants to draw attention to this. Every fifth person hears worse or cannot hear at all - and the number is increasing. "This is because people are getting older and also because of diseases that are not treated properly," explains Deutschlandfunk-Nova reporter Matthis Dierkes.

But it's not just older people who have problems with their ears. The WHO warns: 1.1 billion young people risk hearing damage by listening to too loud music too often.

"The more you listen loudly, the greater the risk of permanent damage."
Matthis Dierkes, Deutschlandfunk Nova reporter

Everyone has a different idea of ​​what "loud" means. But there is a limit: 85 decibels. That is about the volume of a busy main road. The more often you hear louder than that, the greater the risk of permanent damage.

In-ear headphones are a bit more dangerous

It is easy to check how loud you are actually listening to music, says ear, nose and throat doctor Christian Tholen: "There is now a red display on the cell phone, for example, you should never be in the red area." In terms of sound pressure level, in-ear headphones are somewhat more dangerous than large headphones.

From a medical point of view, large headphones are a good way to protect your ears a little better.

"From an ENT medical point of view, the fashion when you wore even more large headphones was a good way to protect your ears a little better."
Christian Tholen, ENT specialist

You can imagine why loud music harms the ears like this: In our ears there are cells with tiny hairs. The noise that hits it is a bit like a cornfield that the wind sweeps over. If there is too much, the stalks lie flat. If the wind or noise was too strong, some of them stay there permanently. This can permanently damage our hearing.

Hearing damage usually comes slowly

As a rule, this does not happen suddenly, but is a gradual process over many years. Only then do you really notice that something is wrong with your hearing. But there are warning notices: "If we watch outside whether we can hear certain sounds, birds for example."

Even if you have problems understanding your counterpart in a bar or restaurant or you have to turn the TV up super loud at home so that other people in the household are already complaining, this is a sign: Something is wrong. In that case: the best time to see an ENT doctor.

"I try to take the fear of the cosmetic stigma directly from patients. Nowadays hearing aids are so small that you don't even notice them."
Christian Tholen, ENT specialist

Even those who actually need a hearing aid: They are now so small that they are barely noticeable. Even Christian Tholen, as an ear, nose and throat doctor, has to look frequently: Does the patient wear a hearing aid or not?