Can i eat grass

Can I Eat Weed Safely?

Just because there are grasses (Poaceae) with edible and nutritious parts doesn't mean that this is true of all grasses. It's pretty common.

A quick google search will give you all the information you need:

Many grasses are edible in the sense that they can be eaten; You just won't get any energy / nutrients from it. They are mostly made up of cellulose, and our digestive tract is simply not designed to break it down (unlike cows, for example, who use four stomachs for this purpose). However, there are also grasses that are poisonous. So unless a distinction is made between actual species, the effects of eating grasses fall somewhere between no effect and harmful.


If you (reader) are still not convinced (that not all grass is edible), replace "grass" with "mushrooms" on this page. Except maybe the cellulose and cow part ...


@ Mindwin: Not quite the same as the mushrooms are actively poisonous while AFAIK are few, if any, grasses. I have certainly survived a number of decades pulling up blades of grass and chewing the ends while walking through meadows ...


@ Aaron, there isn't a lot that will break down cellulose. The most effective way humans have found is to feed a cow the grass and then eat the cow.


It's not just cellulose: many types of grass contain small silica filaments or spines, so-called phytolites - essentially biological glass splinters. Grazing animals have plump lips, a stomach lining, and ever-growing teeth to withstand the effects of ingestion. Grass doesn't want to be eaten, and just because it can't run away doesn't mean it's defenseless.