Who invented the chocolate chip cookie?

USA food culture: what are brownies?

“Help, my brownies got soggy!” This emergency call is unnecessary - brownies have to be a bit creamy-soft in the middle and simply tooth-damaging sweet - just like in our brownie recipe collection on USA-K.

Who invented the brownies?

There are various legends about this. According to one, a hotelier's wife asked her cook for a small chocolate biscuit that could also be packed in lunch boxes. Another speaks of a librarian who had forgotten the baking powder in her chocolate cake and also calculated the baking time incorrectly - voila, brownies 😉 The fact is: Fannie Farmer's Boston Cooking School Cook Book had a recipe for small molasses as early as 1896. Little cakes called brownies. And in 1907 cookbooks appeared with so-called “Bangor Brownies”, which contained a particularly large amount of eggs and chocolate and can be described as “fudgy”.

What is the difference between brownies and chocolate cake?

The difference between brownies and chocolate cake is obvious: Brownies are richer, more moist, more compact and usually contain more chocolate than flour. And impressive amounts of sugar - because this is the only way to create the “heavy” mouthfeel. Other optional ingredients are - depending on the recipe - nuts, coconut flakes, dried fruits, cream cheese or peanut butter mixes. Brownies are cut into small squares and are usually not eaten as a cake, but as a dessert or as a small, sweet bite in between.

Because of the other cake baking pans that are used in the USA, you have to pay attention to the Do not fill in the batter too high or too low. Two to three centimeters are okay - otherwise the brownies will either be too flat and too dry or too high and not cooked. Forget the chopstick test and notice it short cooking times, if you want to enjoy brownies the American way - if you don't like the sticky mouthfeel ("fudgy"), add five minutes of baking time next time.

Fudgy or Cakey Brownies - what is it?

The word “fudgy” is based on the sweet fudge - that is, soft, caramel-like and creamy. In principle, the brownie is still somewhat hungry and doughy - at least that's what it looks like for Europeans. For the American, it is exactly right cake Cakey brownies are a little more chocolate cake-like, that is, cake-like cubes of pastry. They usually contain less sugar and fat or chocolate and are baked longer. Fudgy brownies rarely have a frosting, cake brownies more.

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