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Common misspellings - at home

The terms "home" and "home" are often mistakenly given the same meaning. Below are the two alternative spellings of the adverb and the related noun:

Regardless of whether you opt for the spelling "at home" recommended by the Duden or the spelling correct alternative variant "home", these words are often used as synonyms for "home" or "at home". For example, you can say: "I'm at home (or at home) in a suburb of Berlin." or "In winter, when the weather is wet and cold outside, I make myself comfortable at home (or at home) on the sofa with a book." However, the adverbs "at home" or "at home" do not necessarily refer to a specific place where you live or to which you regularly return. People can also feel "at home" in a certain environment, city or country. For example, someone can say: "I live in London, but the only real home I feel is in the village where I was born." Loved ones are also often associated with the term "home". One often hears: "I'm only at home where my family lives."

The "home" as a noun and synonym for the "home":

While the adverbs "home" and "at home" describe where someone or something is or is, the noun "home" is a synonym for "dwelling", where someone can be "at home" or "at home". In the sense of "apartment", "domicile", or "your own four walls", you can call your "home" a building or that part of a building in which you live, run your household and feel a sense of belonging. In this sense, a homeless person has no home, and a nomad finds home in different, constantly changing places. While many people usually feel comfortable and secure in their "home", that is, in their home, that is, others do not need a fixed "home" because they are "at home" anywhere in the world " are.

Examples of correct application
  • At home is the place where we can live out our privacy.
  • I have to be by nine o'clock at the latest at home so my parents don't get angry.
  • At home Almost everyone feels most comfortable.
Synonyms: at home
  • in your own four walls, at home, living