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A reading sample of the book made me curious and I was pleased that dp DIGITAL PUBLISHERS GmbH made the ebook available to me as a review copy. However, this does not affect my rating.

Book title

Rockstar Passion, love on stage


Alexandra Fischer

publishing company

Digital publishers

Pages: 331
Price:€ 3.99 (publisher)
Published: 12.03.2020

ISBN: 9783968170152


First of all: Actually, "Rockstar Passion - love on stage“Just a marginal rock star romance. The book tells much more of the story of a young woman who wants to find her place in life. She is torn between what she (maybe) wants and the demands that her family makes on her.

This story has captivated me from the start. It's exciting, very emotional and just wouldn't let me go. For me the book was a page turner.

Almond, child of divorce, was 17 when she got to know the rock band Burnside Close, which is managed by her father. She falls head over heels in love with the lead singer of the band and from this point on she gets into a conflict with her wishes and dreams on the one hand and her duties, the expectations that her mother places on her and her fear of others disappoint on the other hand. Above all, the story of her parents' marriage unsettles Almond and so she does not listen to her heart for a long time but to the wishes of her mother and thus her mind. She makes some “sensible” decisions that don't make her happy. In addition, there is the surprising death of her father, who emotionally stresses Almond. She decides to go backpacking the world, hoping to find out who she is and what she wants in life. However, she doesn't really succeed, because she still doesn't want to disappoint her mother and her expectations. Upon her return, Almond plans to study journalism and is doing a pre-study internship at a radio station focused on rock music. Here she realizes that this is what she always wanted to do; that she has a flair for rock music. Her dreams go even further: she wants to be a music manager like her father. She realizes how important this is to her and finally begins to assert herself against her mother. She gets in touch with Burnside Close (meanwhile an internationally successful rock band) and their new manager and gets a job in management. But she then has to realize that life went on for Morris and the band without her. Morris is in a committed relationship, but the strong attraction between him and Almond is still there ...

The book is written very sensitively and the story is believable, and the music industry is also presented quite realistically. And finally there is a protagonist who shares my taste in music. I really liked that the story is told over a period of several years, so the development of Almond is more believable for me. The eternal indecision and running away from difficult situations was a bit annoying for me, of course, but I found that a bit exhausting in the long run and I would have liked to shake Almond and tell her: “This is your life, not your mother's, finally trust yourself ...! "But Almond's Granny was already responsible for that, but it was of no use for a long time ...

Despite this small point of criticism, I felt very well entertained and give for "Rockstar Passion“A very clear reading recommendation. It is a very good novel about the development path of a young, insecure girl to a woman who knows what she wants in life.

Read the sample here.