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You have 2 options when shopping at a wholesaler:
You can purchase the goods, store them yourself and then send them by hand when orders are placed OR you can "dropshipping" them. Be sure to read my article on dropshipping, but here's the bottom line again in a nutshell:

Let's say you have just placed an order for a lamp through your new online shop to get. You don't have the lamp in stock yourself, but you know your wholesaler does. So you simply forward the customer's order and shipping information to him. The wholesaler packs the lamp, sends it directly to your customer (with your shop name as the sender) and calculates the price for you. You, in turn, have already received your customer's payment, including your profit margin, and are sending them the tracking information. No great art ...

There are also people who, as soon as their business grows slowly and generates larger sales, still start to store and ship goods themselves. If you ask me, that's not an option for us, even stupid. Because just to squeeze out a few more euros at the end of the day, I would never want to give up the freedom that we have laboriously earned. After all, we do the whole thing so that we can be independent of location.

In addition, after setting up the store, you actually only delegate the obvious way to set up further stores and thus increase sales, instead of physically bringing yourself back into operation. Apart from that, even after years, many of the largest international companies still operate dropshipping instead of setting up their own shipping center and concentrate on their core competencies.

In my opinion, the savings in bulk purchases are just not significant enough to justify the cost of managing a warehouse and setting up a fulfillment center.

The next point - fulfillment quality (taking care of all activities that occur after signing a sales contract with a customer) - is arguably the biggest downside to dropshipping and the reason why it is so important to find a good supplier. So we finally get to the real topic of this article ...