How many animals are killed there

CORONA: Hundreds of thousands of animals killed and thrown away

by Annika Broocks

The corona crisis not only affects us humans, but also affects animals living in captivity: Zoos are considering which animals to slaughter first, slaughterhouses are selling less meat due to lower demand and in the USA there is even talk of a “meat emergency”.


Piglets in the fattening period grow extremely quickly and are slaughtered at only six months. Because of infected slaughterhouse employees, slaughterhouses in the USA have to close in many places: where normally up to 20,000 pigs are slaughtered per day, the operators do not take in a single pig. This forces US farmers to “get rid of” the animals in other ways: It is cheapest for them to kill the pigs and dispose of them directly. Hundreds of thousands of pigs are killed and thrown away every week.


Other animals in the livestock industry are doing no better. Two million chickens were killed in the US states of Delaware and Maryland in April because many employees are also in quarantine there. The methods of killing are not the same in all farms, but they are similarly cruel: For example, carbon dioxide or foam is used to suffocate the animals. Switching off the ventilation systems is also particularly terrible; then they not only die from a lack of oxygen, but also have to struggle with the heat. As the environment around them heats up, the chickens' organs fail.


The massive killing of animals in the livestock industry due to viruses is nothing new. In Germany, too, tens of thousands of birds have recently suffered premature deaths due to bird flu. The way we treat animals has a direct impact on the environment and our health. But the animals suffer most, hundreds of thousands of which are thrown away like goods just because they are not economically viable.

You can do something about this immense suffering by opting for a plant-based diet and no longer supporting the animal cruelty industries.

So-called live animal markets are also cruel for animals and pose a risk to human health. Here you can sign our petition to ban live animal markets.

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