Why doesn't hard work pay off

Hard Work & Bad Wages - Why Hard Work Doesn't Pay


Why your hard work is punished with bad wages and your hard work doesn't pay off.

To start with, a few questions:

Do you sometimes feel like you're doing hard work all the time without getting off your feet financially? You are constantly learning, improving your skills, making plans and concepts. Do you do this to make / save a lot of money, but are punished with bad wages? But what's even worse. You have changed from your original desires: Happiness, satisfaction and life quality further away than ever before?

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You are probably also wondering: How did it come to this in my life? Why am I being punished with bad wages for my hard work?

The subject of money is an ABSOLUTELY taboo subject, especially in our society. We neither learn in school how to EFFECTIVELY earn and increase money, nor in any course of study. Although we learn how we actually educate ourselves so that we can do valuable work for industry and business and "function" well, we are not shown how we can independently carry our services into the world and have them work beyond our physical presence.

But what is even more worrying is the fact that our educational system does not place any value on personal development. Nobody really knows what their True Desires are and how to become free and happy.

This fact is borne out by a recent study that says that over 85% of all Germans are not satisfied with their job / occupation.

Negative Beliefs: This is why hard work doesn't pay off

Because of this negative social conditioning on money and self-actualization, practically ALL people have confused ideas and beliefs about work and making money in their minds. They believe that working hard and frugality will lead to wealth, and from a conventional point of view it is correct.

This is also the main reason that your hard work doesn't pay off.

But ask yourself: How many years do you want to work and save in order to have a lot of money? What should your life look like until then? Do you want to chase after something every day that lies in the distant, utopian future? What happens if you don't want to / can't work? Where do you want to get the money from to enable you and your loved ones to do something good in the “here and now” and to fulfill your wishes? Who determines how much and, above all, how effectively you have to work? You?

A story that explains why if you work harder, you won't make more money, you will get even poorer.

A business friend wanted to increase his income. As a result, he worked his way into internet marketing alongside his job and also took on a part-time job in order to earn more money. He has attended several online seminars and workshops and has worked from dawn to dusk. His head was full of new information, he was getting stressed and at some point I didn't hear from him anymore. Then I got the message that he had to see a psychologist regularly because he was diagnosed with burnout syndrome and moderate depression. Now he has not only major financial problems, but also psychological problems, as he has completely lost the courage to make more of his life.

This is certainly a blatant example, but it shows that working too much FOR MONEY can actually make you poorer - in all areas of life. And what's even worse: It can ruin your health, limit the ability to relate and reduce your overall quality of life.

Those who chase after money by working hard and feeling poor will never draw a lot of money and financial freedom into their life according to the law of attraction !!!

So be careful: Working a lot and hard every day for money and doing something that does not give you deep inner satisfaction, overwhelming yourself, struggling and pedaling the hamster wheel can become an unhealthy habit that does not lead to the desired result anyway , namely: feelings such as freedom, love, happiness, inner satisfaction, benefit to humanity.


Financial freedom is the most important basis for a self-determined, free and fulfilled life.

Money affects all areas of life. It depends on how much time you have to relax, to develop personally and intellectually, to receive opportunities in your life and to enjoy the good things in life.

Your income also affects your health:

Can you buy the best and freshest groceries? Do you have balance, sport? Can you afford the best medical care and treatment (even those that are not covered by health insurance)?

Your income also affects your relationships:

Do you have time for your boyfriend or wife / husband? Do you have enough time to enjoy your life together and do what you really want to do (travel, go out often, etc.) Do you have time to play with your children? Do you spend enough time with friends and family? Do you have time and money for joint activities and unique vacations in the most beautiful places in the world?

Your income also influences your job:

Are you able to do what you really enjoy, to be creative and to implement your ideas and dreams? Or are you only doing your current job to earn money? Then it pays to click here and learn an alternative way to make your money.

Hard work pays off when it is fulfilling and lucrative for you

You are probably asking yourself: All well and good, but I think that's just not possible for me. And I tell you: “Yes! But only if you choose another path than to work for money. ”A path of relaxation, inspiration, joy and the time to find and develop yourself.

It is the way to real wealth.

You even have to relax in order to be able to attract true wealth, because an essential component of this path is to change your (unconscious) thinking, to recognize your true desires and to find ways and means to make them real bit by bit . Everything will feel like it is flowing and you will do the things that lead to success, recognition and money coming into your life out of inspiration and with passion. To do this, you will have to work mainly on your thinking and your emotions. Everything else you will automatically pull into your life.

Furthermore, I can only give you the tip to visit people who are currently walking this path or people who have already walked it and to learn from the know-how of these people. These people may also be able to give you hot tips that will change your life forever.

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