How can you be happy 2

Despite Corona: How to be happier in three minutes

Everyone wants to be happy. But how do you actually do that? Small strategies that will help you feel good in everyday lifetoincrease - explained in three minutes.

A happy person often has positive feelings and is generally satisfied with their life. The following factors are necessary for happiness researchers to be happy:

  • a stable love relationship
  • some good, reliable friends
  • health
  • a job that corresponds to one's own abilities
  • children
  • enough money for basic needs

But even small things can influence our sense of happiness. With these tips you can brighten your mood and that of those around you - even in times of corona.

1. Smile

Smiling can reduce stress and release happiness hormones. This can give you a sense of relaxation and wellbeing. In addition, it is contagious, as a study from 2006 shows - and so you also make your counterpart feel a little happy.

2. Think positively

Positive thinking can have an impact on your happiness record. Think about whether you really want to allow negative feelings to exist. Case in point: getting excited about bad weather. What do you want to change about it? So what should you be upset about? You can train this regulation of emotions - and in the best case scenario, you will simply no longer be upset about many things.

3. Do good

Behave towards others the way you would like to be treated - it makes you happy. Even those who do good and, for example, volunteer, show commitment and do a satisfactory job. Because happy is someone who fills his time with something meaningful and does not waste it.

4. Set goals

An important factor for being happy: You should define your wishes and set goals that can be ambitious, but are feasible. Goals that are particularly valuable to wellbeing deal with personal growth, successful social relationships, and contributions to society.

5. Don't compare yourself to others

People tend to compare themselves to others. If the neighbor has more income, we are quickly dissatisfied and unhappy because he has more. Happiness researchers have found out: A certain amount of income is important to cover basic needs and to have security. But if the basic needs are covered, more income does not bring much for happiness.

6. Be grateful

We usually perceive negative feelings or events much more strongly than positive ones. To strengthen the positive feelings, you can write down three beautiful experiences from everyday life two to three times a week - and be grateful for them. That could also be little things like enjoying the sun. In this way you can change the way you view your life - and increase your happiness.