Professional esports players have high IQs

Why there are fewer women in esports

League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike - even those who have nothing to do with video or video games, these titles say something. The “gaming” market in Germany is huge: around 34 million people play computer and video games in this country. In 2018, around 4.4 billion euros in sales were achieved in the industry, according to the annual report by Game, the federal association of the German games industry. More and more women are sitting in front of the screen, the report says: around 47 percent of the total number of video games in Germany who play at least occasionally are women. This includes first-person shooter games in which you fight with firearms from a first-person perspective, such as "Counter Strike" as well as mobile games such as "Candy Crush". The fact that the number of female and male players is almost equal is also due to the fact that the calculation also includes so-called casual games that are not played professionally.

Because in the professional leagues in electronic sports, e-sports for short, men and women are by no means equally represented. "In professional esports, male teams have so far been competing against each other, for example in titles such as 'League of Legends' or 'Counter Strike'", explains Felix Falk, Managing Director of Game.

Are women the worse gamers?

Do women simply lack strategic thinking, quick reactions and three-dimensional imagination? In short: are women simply the worse gamers?