What is Asian privilege

To forget is a privilege

The Hanau attack, in which a racist murdered ten people, was only two months ago. Only a few weeks have passed since the sister of a victim of the attack warned at the memorial service: "People are quick to forget." If you google Hanau today, reports of mask requirements and corona cases appear. The new crisis has supplanted the old one - at least in the discourse of the majority society.

Because nothing has been forgotten in migrant communities, too much has happened, which tears the wound open again and again: There is the murder of the Kurdish boy in Celle, or the headline in the picture that claimed that the attack in Hanau had no racist motive. At the beginning of the week, stones were thrown at the bar in which the perpetrator shot, and in Berlin and Darmstadt, posters were smeared with pictures of the victims.

And the new crisis? It does not suppress anything for those affected, it only fuels the hatred: AfD politicians warn in the "Corona chaos" of a "historic breach of the dam in terms of illegal mass migration": The borders would have to be closed in order to prevent the increase in infectious diseases since the refugee crisis. In right-wing circles there are conspiracy theories that either make refugees, "the Chinese" or "global elites" the scapegoat for the "epidemic". The pandemic is fueling racism and anti-Semitism as we have known it for centuries. This also shows how quickly words are followed by deeds. Under #IchbinkeinVirus, people of Asian origin have reported racist incidents since Corona. You are mobbed on the street, insulted, sprayed with disinfectant spray.

Meanwhile, the mourning for the dead in Hanau is not over - and all the more difficult in times of safety distances and contact restrictions. February 19 was not processed when the new crisis came, says Selma Yilmaz-Ilkhan, who looks after the families of the victims. In an interview with the SZ, she warns that the act will not be forgotten despite Corona. And she expresses what has been said too seldom in the past few weeks: "Viruses are contagious - but unfortunately so are hate, right-wing extremism, and racism."

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