Why do films need computer technology


The advent of the computer has also left deep marks in the film industry. For example, if the producers of the three classic “Star Wars” films were still dependent on elaborate analog special effects, which were expensive and time-consuming, filmmakers now have it much easier. The science fiction trilogy is a particularly impressive example of what was possible without modern computer technology. To understand the full range of this revolutionary change process, one should watch an old Japanese Godzilla flick or an American horror film from the fifties.

Cartoons then and now

While hundreds of cartoonists were still working on the first full-length cartoons at Disney Studios, who had to draw and color in painstaking detail, picture by picture using the drawing board method, the production time and costs for the latter productions could be reduced considerably. A sad aspect of this development is the closure of the Disney animation studios last year. Modern animated films (such as Pixar's Madagascar) have almost completely displaced the classic animated film, which made a comeback in the 1990s. Larger cartoon productions are now only realized in the Asian area.

Today's movies and blockbusters

But even modern cinema films would no longer be conceivable without computer technology. Blockbusters such as the successful science fiction film “Avatar - Departure to Pandora” hardly use existing backdrops. Instead, the actors act in front of a so-called green box. The environment will be added later by computer. In the example of the film mentioned, the importance of computer technology is particularly strongly expressed, since a large number of the protagonists in the film are also computer-animated.


This development has both advantages and disadvantages for the viewer. It is true that modern computer technology offers us recordings that far exceed the possibilities of analog trick technology or even the real world. It can abduct the cinema-goer into foreign galaxies, almost everything can now be represented visually. Disadvantages of this development are the loss of classic genres such as cartoons and a frequently observed overstimulation of the computer effects, which make the films appear unreal and exaggerated.