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Sirius Black (* November 3, 1959 † June 1996), formerly by his school friends "paw" (in the original: Padfoot) called, is Harry's godfather. He is the same age as Harry's slain father, James Potter, and used to be his best friend. Already in the first chapter of the first volume it is mentioned in passing that Sirius used to race through the air on a flying motorcycle. His aircraft at the time was so big that he could lend it to Hagrid to bring Harry to safety after his parents were murdered. Only in the third volume does Sirius appear as a character and main actor.

Family relationships

Sirius is the firstborn son of the "pure-blood" Black family, who are very proud of their noble wizarding descent. Very soon he rebelled against the racist conceit of his family and against their energetic efforts to ostracize and subjugate Muggles and Muggle people. While most of Sirius' family subscribed to black magic and his younger brother Regulus even became a Death Eater, Sirius hated and opposed such machinations. At the age of 16 he left his parents' home. Like all renegade members of the Black family, he was removed from the family tree, which is recorded on an embroidered old tapestry. Only a burn hole still indicates that there was a Black who turned out to be not a true Black: True Blacks are, as the family name suggests, black-magic.
Even the portraits of his ancestors still incite Sirius:

  • The portrait of his mother, a nagging, old-looking witch, calls him loudly as the "eyesore of the family".
  • The portrait of his great-great-grandfather (Phineas Nigellus Black), a former and extremely unpopular headmaster of Hogwarts, titled him as a good-for-nothing and worthless family member.
    Because of his ancestry, Sirius is somehow related to almost all "pure-blood" magical families.

Reluctantly, as an adult, Sirius had to get in touch with his family of origin again because he inherited his hated parental home. With the family seat he also inherited the house-elf of his family, a completely filthy, strange little villain named Kreacher, who rejects Sirius in the spirit of his earlier rule.


Unlike other Blacks, Sirius was part of the Gryffindor family during his school days. There was also his best friend James Potter and her friends Remus Lupine and Peter Pettigrew. The handsome Sirius was a gifted student, a love of girls, and hard to tame. During the first five years of school he secretly learned together with James and Peter the difficult and actually reportable Animagus transformation. From then on, as an animagus, he was able to transform into a large, shaggy black dog. (Sirius is the name of a star in the constellation Big Dog, which is why it is also called the "dog star"). His animagus figure, which was never officially known, gave him a perfect camouflage opportunity not only during his school days. In their animagus forms, Sirius, James and Peter could be with their friend Remus if he was forcibly turned into a werewolf on nights of a full moon. The four friends went on numerous forays inside and outside the school premises, discovered unknown secret passages, drew a magical map of the school premises, etc.
The opponent and bitter enemy of Sirius and James was their classmate Severus Snape, a Slytherin student who was full of black magic ideas.
The close friendship between Sirius and James didn't change when James fell in love with Gryffindor classmate Lily Evans in senior year.

Resistance to Voldemort

Together with his former school friends and Lily, Sirius joined the resistance movement that fought against Voldemort after his school days. When James and Lily were killed and Peter disappeared, Sirius was accused of betraying his friend James and his wife Lily to Voldemort and murdering Peter. The Ministry of Magic, headed by Bartemius Crouch sr., Banished him without trial. as a supposed Death Eater in the wizard prison Azkaban for life.
As a former resistance fighter in the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius was immediately ready to fully support the second order of resistance. On Dumbledore's instructions, however, he was not allowed to appear in public for security reasons and therefore Sirius' thirst for action was inevitably limited for the time being to being able to offer the resistance order an ideal headquarters: the long uninhabited house of the Blacks, which he had inherited.

Sirius and Harry

Sirius continued to take his role as Harry's godfather seriously after James' and Lily's deaths and his imprisonment in Azkaban. After learning that the real traitor to Harry's parents was unrecognized in Harry's immediate vicinity, he broke out of Azkaban in his animagus form. He was able to convince his former friend Remus Lupine, Harry and finally Albus Dumbledore that he was innocently trapped in Azkaban. But since he could not officially prove his innocence, he had to go into hiding again. He did this with the help of Harry. The two were in contact from then until Sirius' death in June 1996, and Harry felt that Sirius was a substitute for his father.
After his death, Sirius is rehabilitated based on Albus Dumbledore's testimony. His will states that all of his personal belongings will be bequeathed to Harry. In addition to his gold fortune, this also applies to the house at No. 12 Grimmauldplatz, the house-elf Kreacher and the Hippogriff Buckbeak.

Events in the books

  • Escaping from Azkaban, Sirius tries in vain to hunt down Peter Pettigrew, but can convince Harry and his friends, Lupine and Dumbledore of his innocence (HP III / 18).
  • Because Sirius cannot prove his innocence at first, he had to flee again and go into hiding. Harry saved him from a dementor kiss and helped him to get a hippogriff, on whose back he could escape the dementors and the Ministry of Magic (HP III / 21).
  • After that, the two are in close contact and Sirius becomes almost like a father to Harry. Sirius didn’t shy away from any privations or risks to protect his godson (HP IV / 27).
  • However, his willingness to do something for Harry is increasingly mixed with his own desire to finally get involved outside of his hiding place again (Volume 5).
  • Sirius gives his godson a two-way mirror, which should ensure that Harry could contact Sirius at any time (HP V / 24)
  • In a memory from Prof. Snape, Harry can witness how the young James and Sirius humiliate and mock 15-year-old Severus Snape (HP V / 28).
  • Because Harry wants to save Sirius from a supposedly life-threatening situation, he puts himself and his friends in a desperate situation (HP V / 34).
  • In order to rush to the aid of the distressed, the thirsty Sirius ignores Dumbledore's instruction to stay in the house. Instead, he fights with the other members of the Phoenix Order against the Death Eaters and finally against his cousin Bellatrix, whose curse brings Sirius down and lets him fall through the curtain in the Halles of Death (HP V / 35).
  • Harry calls the memory figure of Sirius with the Resurrection Stone, together with his parents and Remus as support, at his side (HP VII / 34).

Translation review

In the first edition of the German translation of the first Potter volume and in the German audio book of the first volume, Sirius Black was translated as "Sirius Schwarz", who lent Hagrid the motorcycle. In later editions of the first volume, after the publication of the third book, this error was corrected.

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Sirius' death in the movie

In the film, Bellatrix Lestrange uses the Avada Kedavra killing curse to kill Sirius. (In the book it is a red ray of light, which indicates a shock spell).