What's your craziest experience in the UK

Explore the world and spend as little money as possible - sounds like a tempting offer. My reader Anja tried one option last year and, with the help of the Workaway organization, traveled to Great Britain for three months and told me about her experiences afterwards. Work & Travel in Great Britain It might sound a bit unusual, but it can also mean a great time with lots of new experiences. Who would have thought that you would meet the craziest people at an English horse farm, by chance meet David Hasselhoff on Oxford Street in London, be served the most interesting culinary dishes in Wales, be overrun by rugby fans or interviewed for a Welsh farming TV show becomes?

For a short time to Great Britain

“The whole thing was more of a spontaneous decision. After graduating from high school, for a while I had no idea what to do with all of my free time. While my friends either started studying straight away or theirs for months Work & Travel Had planned to stay in Australia, I was a bit lost. There I have the website "workaway.info“Discovered the host families who mediated Accommodation and meals against cooperation in the household or on the farm. That sounded like an interesting offer to me and I decided to give it a try. From one day to the next I decided to fly to Great Britain with a friend for a few weeks and explore the country. A couple of weeks turned into three months, which I really enjoyed. "

The organization helper - Workaway.info

Workaway.info is an online platform that gives you the opportunity to travel cheaply, improve your second language and get to know the country and its people better. With over 12,000 hosts from a total of 130 countries, there are numerous opportunities for an inexpensive stay abroad. For four to five hours of work a day, five days a week, you get food and accommodation.

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The contact between volunteers and hosts, the so-called "hosts", takes place via the website. The Registration for two years costs 23 €. This gives you access to the Workaway host list and allows host families or non-profit organizations to volunteer your work. All details must be discussed with the hosts themselves. Workaway only provides the contact, the rest of the trip has to be organized by yourself. The work can vary greatly from host to host, a wide variety of jobs are offered, from childcare to gardening to helping in the cowshed, everything can be included. It is very helpful to read the reviews of other volunteers before leaving to know what to expect on site. At the end of your stay you have the opportunity to leave a rating yourself in order to give others an insight into the living and working conditions on site.

Work on a stud farm in England

“I contacted various hosts, preferably horse farms, a few weeks before leaving and some of them gave me a direct confirmation that I could even choose between five stations in the end. Because of its proximity to London, I chose a job in Buckinghamshire, west of the capital. There I spent the first six weeks with one Host family on a horse stud and there was always a lot to do. In addition to the daily riding of the horses, mucking out the stables, filling hay nets and carrying water buckets, the other volunteers cooked, ate and of course rinsed and tidied up at lunchtime.

On some days, the specified 5 hours of working time were exceeded, but what through Weekend getaways was made amends in the nearby cities of Oxford and London. Through the contact with the family and with the other workers, with whom I often go to the Pub it was an interesting time and it never got boring. I also got to know the most interesting people through the daily coming and going of the horse owners, in addition to some emigrated Germans, a professional dog walker, the owner of a kennel who owns 13 Great Danes, and a family who every day exactly the same daily routine with theirs Horse spends. Nevertheless, six weeks of hard physical work cannot be called a vacation and so I decided without further ado to travel the south coast of England for a few weeks to relax a little. "

City break - London, Brighton, Bournemouth and Swansea

“At first I spent a few days in with a few other workawayers I met on the previous farm London and in addition to the typical attractions such as Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Oxford Street, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, etc., also visited some less well-known places such as the museum of modern art "Tate Modern" and Camden Market, which consists of six neighboring market areas, where everything from antiques to handicrafts to international food is offered. We stayed at the inexpensive Safestay Hostel in the south of the city center.

Then it went on to the South coast of England, in the vacation spotBrighton, where we visited the Royal Pavilion, shopped at Primark, relaxed by the sea and rode the Ferris wheel. That one is especially beautiful too Brighton Pier, which was built in 1899 and today houses a fair with restaurants, bars, amusement arcades, carousel, stalls and roller coasters.

Further along the coast, we ended up in Bournemouthwhere a festival of lights happened to be held that we attended. At the very end of the short vacation we spent a weekend in the Welsh port city Swansea, where, in addition to a visit to the Swansea Castle, the "Meridian Tower" observation tower with restaurant and the picturesque marina, in the nightlife district "Wind Street" we celebrated the rugby game of victory against South Africa with the Welsh. "

Wales is full of surprises

“Next we went to a host family for three weeks Wales. In my opinion, Wales is the part of Great Britain that very few people know, and I couldn't imagine anything about it before my stay. Everyone has heard of English cities, be it the Beatles city of Liverpool, the renowned university cities of Oxford and Cambridge or the capital London itself. Scotland is also known for its kilt, Loch Ness and its strange-speaking people. Wales, however, is not even known to some Brits, as I was shocked to discover. This region has more to offer than most people think. The small country impresses with the vibrant capital Cardiff with a beautiful, mystical nature and numerous Castles and palaces.

Getting there was a bit of an adventure in itself, taking the train from Bournemouth to Cardiff. What I didn't know happened that day rugby Game held in Cardiff and this is here National sport Number 1. Everyone is crazy about it. So the whole train was crammed with screaming fans in the strangest disguises on the way to the "Millennium Stadium" to cheer on their team. "

Relax on the Welsh coast

“After the exciting time, the stay with the second host family was very different from that with the first. On the farm in the small remote village of Aberaeron on the Wales coast everything went a little quieter. The work was hardly strenuous and the stay was much more like a vacation. With only two volunteers at a time, it was very calm and relaxed. Every day at 11:00 am punctually at “Teatime” with the host parents Ifor and Myfanwy, there were freshly baked cakes as well as new interesting stories from their experiences as host parents. For lunch one was served with homemade Welsh specialties spoiled, from Apple Crumble to Welsh Cowl, a lamb stew, everything was there. In the afternoon there was more than enough time for Relaxation by the sea or for long walks between the colorful houses of the city. Unfortunately, it was not possible to learn the Welsh language in the short time, but my efforts were greatly appreciated when, after a week in the stable, I was able to greet everyone with a joyful: “Bore da!”. It could have been boring for a long time, but after the relatively exhausting weeks that preceded it, it was a welcome recovery. Here, too, it was a good idea to go on excursions in the area at the weekend, including the city Aberystwyth, the Snowdonia National Parkor the resort New Quay to visit. A special highlight was that at the time of my visit a documentary about the farm's traditional “Welsh Cob” breeding was filmed and my girlfriend and I were interviewed about it. Who would have thought that?"


Why so far away when there are great opportunities nearby Experience abroad to collect? It doesn't always have to be Australia - there are enough beautiful places in Europe to be explored. Workaway offers an interesting and above all inexpensive way of traveling and it's great if you want to get to know the country and the people better. You can improve your language skills through daily contact with native speakers. It is also a good option for spontaneous travelers, as many host families have so-called "Last minute hosts" and are also looking for help at short notice. Great Britain is an easy destination to travel to because of the English language and is only about 1.5 hours' flight away from Germany and is highly recommended, even if you don't have that long.


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