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1 Products, shop, support and information online: Speakers and audio devices for home cinema Multimedia dia PC HiFi stereo ipod Innovations Cinebar 50 Virtual surround sound and perfect TV sound Concept B 200 USB HiFi stereo combination for the desk Impaq 40 mini stereo System in the best Teufel Sound Theater box set for home cinema and music with an excellent price / performance ratio

2 Speakers and audio devices for home theater Multimedia PC HiFi stereo ipod Dear customer, in this special catalog you will find the latest new releases from the Teufel range, the successful supplier of speakers, audio devices and accessories in direct sales. We have speakers and audio devices for home theater, hi-fi stereo, ipod, PC and multimedia. As an individual or complete solution. Whether fast-sounding speaker sets for the PC, complete music systems, top-class home cinema according to the THX standard, incredibly inexpensive stereo boxes or waking iPod radios at Teufel, you will find the right product for every requirement and budget. Always better, always cheaper because directly from the manufacturer. See for yourself ... Errors and technical changes reserved. STEREO SYSTEMS ACCESSORIES Omniton 202 Impaq 40 headphones None of the feet, wall brackets and castors shown in this catalog are included in the scope of delivery of the individual loudspeakers, but must be ordered separately as special accessories. Stand feet TV racks Our general terms and conditions can be found at High-end cables Connection cables Loudspeaker cables Edited by A. Schwerdt Grafik S. Voorwind / J. Miller Images M. Steinemann Cable sets 38 Editorial deadline March 4, 2010 New products

3 PC loudspeakers Sound quality for the PC A computer-free world is no longer conceivable today. Initially, these machines were only intended to make our work easier, but today they are also an essential part of personal entertainment. Music, films, videos, television and games and social networking enrich people's everyday lives. In terms of PC and Mac performance alone, there is no reason to complain. The level is right here. However, it is noticeable that the quality of built-in speakers cannot keep up in most cases. It almost seems that the developers are still stuck in the age of the reproduction of simple signal tones. Dynamic material, which is another name for music, can only be heard with restrictions. Games sound bleak and lose a lot of their expressiveness. A big gap that Teufel effectively closes with its extensive range of multimedia speakers. The range of services extends from the 2.1 systems of the Concept C series for excellent stereo reproduction to the fascinating models of the Concept E line for absolutely gripping 5.1 surround sound. All sets differ from the standard plastic boxes that are often offered in discount grocery stores or on special areas. Because Teufel is a loudspeaker specialist with high standards. A claim that you can hear and sustainably experience with the multimedia systems. The best thing for you is that Teufel sells the speaker sets directly and therefore offers an unbeatable price-performance ratio. Take a look at the following pages and see for yourself the speakers that are right for you. new hits

4 PC loudspeakers Concept C 100 Impressive 2.1 multimedia sound subwoofer with 100 watt maximum output 200 mm woofer in bass reflex housing Two satellites with full-range chassis Cable remote control for microphone and headphones Teufel Concept C 100 is the starting point of the current multimedia series. A subwoofer-satellite combination with an integrated 2.1 amplifier with a maximum output of 100 watts and a separate table remote control, all in a modern black and silver look. Teufel has even given the satellite a table stand so that the beam angle is optimized. The sound quality will not only delight gamers and internet callers, but also those who use music libraries on their computers. This set already enables stereo playback in proven Teufel quality. Concept C 200 USB Concept C 200 USB is a well thought-out system that not only offers the superior sound of Teufel speakers, but also simply switches off the weak point of many PCs with the built-in USB sound card. Connected directly to the USB port, you will be amazed at what acoustic quality you have missed so far. The two micro satellite boxes form the basis for the absolutely captivating sound. They work as a real two-way system. They are supported by an active bass that can be placed "invisibly" below the table top. Concept C 200 USB combines practicality and sound quality at an affordable price. Excellent 2.1 multimedia sound USB interface for clear sound improvement Subwoofer with 200 watts and 200 mm woofer Two-way satellite with table base Cable remote control for microphone and headphones Audio [] The concept sounded like real HiFi, dynamic for film and PC games, musically with pop and rock, surprisingly balanced even with demanding classical music. With Justice Grooves, the bass quality even ventured into high-end regions, with the powerful, springy, equally musically clean bass, many speakers might have to struggle with a zero more on the price tag. Overall rating: good. Price / performance: Outstanding [] The Teufel C 200 USB not only turns computer games into acoustic enjoyment, the trio also impressively stages a DVD film or a music album: test winners. Test result: good (1.6) novelties

5 PC loudspeakers Concept E 100 The Concept E 100 offers you fascinating surround sound at an attractive price. The amplifier, designed with 200 watts of power, impressively supplies the five identical satellite speakers. In addition to the PC, you can also connect DVD players, CD portables, MP3 players, iPod docks, televisions, satellite receivers, radio transmission systems, game consoles and many other components with analog outputs as a source. ComputerBildSpiele [] 1st place in the comparison test with a clear gap to the competition! RexWare [] When it comes to games, the Concept E 100 shines with great sound and good depth. Even at very high volumes, the set never distorts. Concept E 100 offers an inexpensive and easy entry into the multi-channel world of Teufel. Inexpensive 5.1 multimedia loudspeaker set Subwoofer with 200 watts of power 5 identical satellite boxes Impressive surround sound experience 200 mm woofer Concept E PC loudspeakers of the budding top class Subwoofer with 300 watts maximum output 250 mm woofer in bass reflex housing Five identical satellites with high-performance drivers For rooms up to 20 square meters recommended The second model of the new 5.1 speaker sets from Teufel. PC Utilities [] The overall sound was very clear and left nothing to be desired. If you are looking for a powerful 5.1 loudspeaker system, it is worth taking a look at the Concept E 200. The difference to the entry-level Concept E 100 is the higher output and the larger bass that provide the Concept E 200 with a fascinating soundscape. A whopping 300 watts, which now drive a 25-centimeter chassis in the bass reflex housing, ensure that you can not only hear the bass, but also feel it. Diverse connection options and low power consumption round off this great 5.1 speaker set. new hits

6 PC loudspeakers Concept E 300 This set takes the CE series to an even higher acoustic level. Responsible for this: the two-way loudspeakers CE 20 FCR. With the active filtering by the six-channel amplifier of the 300 watt subwoofer, an exceptionally linear frequency response is achieved. The set is designed for direct connection to the sound card outputs of the computer, but many other components with analog outputs are also suitable as feeders. Stereo signals are distributed to all five boxes. Teccentral.de [] The Teufel Concept E300 can convince with a good, detailed sound, strong bass foundation, and very good spatial representation, regardless of the music material. The Concept E 300 guarantees you top-class sound quality in the field of multimedia speakers. At a very reasonable price! Top class 5.1 multimedia loudspeakers Subwoofer with a maximum output of 300 watts 250 mm woofer in bass reflex housing Five identical satellites in two-way technology Recommended for rooms up to 25 m 2 Concept E 400 Allround-PC.com [] In total, you get for a price of 330 euros a very good, finely coordinated stereo and surround sound. Most powerful multimedia PC speaker set 500 watts amplifier output Sensational performance Lower limit frequency 32 Hertz Suitable for rooms up to 30 m 2 The Concept E 400 sets standards in every respect: 500 watts output, high-efficiency two-way satellite loudspeakers, 30-centimeter bass chassis with a lower limit frequency of 32 Hertz and a housing volume for the subwoofer of 63 liters. Only the price is not a superlative. This multimedia speaker set is primarily designed for direct connection to the sound card outputs of the computer. But other analog sources can also be contacted without any problems: DVD players, CD portables, MP3 players, iPod docks, televisions, game consoles and radio transmission systems. Regardless of the source, you can look forward to the sensational performance of the Teufel Concept E 400! 6 novelties

7 PC loudspeaker decoder station 5 With this smart hi-tech tool you can expand an active 5.1 speaker ensemble into a complete multimedia center. Thanks to the Decoderstation 5, a pure PC set becomes a universal system for every type of use in the living area, study, bedroom, student dorm or party room. Up to eight external devices can be played back with the decoder station 5 via a Teufel multi-channel box set without the hassle of unplugging, switchable by simply pressing a button, directly on the decoder or via its infrared remote control. There is a choice of four digital and four analog inputs for a wide variety of applications: computers, notebooks, DVD players, game consoles, televisions, TV decoders, DVB-T boxes, MP3 players, iPod docks - anything goes. This further development of the immensely successful Decoderstation 3 has taken on important suggestions from our customers and takes this unique concept to a new level. An example: the 5.1 input for analog signals from a sound card. Perfect for signal processing of Dolby Digital / dts streams from common sound cards (e.g. from Creative). The integrated Dolby / dts decoders of the Decoderstation 5 allow original 5.1 playback in full surround bloom. Or evaluate e.g. Dolby Prologic converts conventional stereo signals via upmix to surround sounds, which include all five speakers and subwoofers. A 32-character display provides you with comprehensive information on the respective function status, and an included remote control allows all functions to be conveniently controlled from the listening position. The Decoderstation 5 is a fantastic opportunity to expand the range of functions of the new Concept E series. The advantages are always the same: more possibilities, more comfort, more fun ... [] Small, practical, inexpensive: If you are looking for a way to couple several sound sources with a compact active speaker system and want to spend as little money as possible, then you should choose the decoder station 5 correct. Grade: GOOD. Control unit with integrated Dolby Digital / ProLogic / dts decoder Four digital inputs: 2 x optical - 2 x coaxial Four analog inputs: 3 x stereo plus 5.1 infrared remote control Informative 32 character display Tech-Review.de [] The decoder station 5 turns your Teufel system into a real all-rounder, now several sound media can be connected, be it your DVD player, the iPod or your PC. The workmanship and the quality of the material are of very high quality, as we know it from Teufel. Eight signal sources can be conveniently controlled using the supplied remote control. new hits

8 PC loudspeakers ControlStation 2 The ControlStation 2 is a preamplifier that turns every 5.1 PC loudspeaker system into a comfortable sound center. This device is ideal for listeners for whom the PC is also the main music system. 5.1 speaker systems have so far been connected directly to the computer's sound card. No connection options are provided for other playback devices such as MP3 players, ipod, Internet radio, DJ mixer, etc., and there is no contact with microphones and headphones. 5.1 control console for PC speaker sets Three analog inputs (5.1 / 2 x stereo) Surround sound for stereo signals Infrared remote control Microphone and headphone connection The small preamplifier enables additional playback devices to be fed in. You can connect two analog audio sources to the ControlStation 2. This forwards the signals to the PC loudspeaker system. From now on you can easily switch between PC and Audio 1 and Audio 2 at the push of a button, without having to unplug the cable. For another reason, such excursions under the desk to the back of the computer are a thing of the past: the microphone and headphones can now be kept ready directly and permanently via the ControlStation 2. Ideal for telephones and gamers, the corresponding headsets are of course also suitable ... An internal matrix processes the incoming stereo sound and distributes the signals to all five speakers plus subwoofer. That sounds much better than conventional two-channel sound on the PC. Of course, this option can also be switched off: in Pure mode. For convenient control of the most important functions, the ControlStation 2 offers a wireless remote control so that the music system can also be easily controlled outside of the desk. 8 novelties

9 PC loudspeakers Concept E 100 Control Complete PC system for 5.1 sound console with three inputs and remote control Microphone and headphone connection 200 watt amplifier / 200 mm woofer Five high-performance satellites on a table base The Concept E 100 Control is a combination of the 5.1 loudspeaker set Control E 100 with integrated amplifier, the control console Control-Station 2 and the appropriate cables. Together, these components create a complete multimedia sound system for PCs and more. The ControlStation 2 establishes the connection to the PC and at the same time enables the integration of additional playback devices such as MP3 players, ipod, internet radio, DJ mixer, etc. Headphones and microphone can also be connected. Thanks to a 5.1 amplifier with a maximum output of 200 watts, a 200 mm woofer in a voluminous bass reflex wooden housing and five meticulously tuned satellite speakers, you will quickly notice why Teufel multimedia systems literally put comparable products on the wall in terms of sound. With the Concept E 100 Control you can enter the world of the surround sound experience on the PC at a very attractive price. Concept E 200 Control The Concept E 200 Control offers two main advantages over the entry-level Concept E 100 Control: more power (300 watts), more bass (250 mm). Which is why even larger rooms up to 20 square meters can be fully, loudly and cleanly sounded. The preamplifier establishes the connection to the PC and at the same time enables the integration of additional playback devices such as MP3 players, ipod, internet radio, DJ mixer etc. In addition, a microphone and headphones can be connected. This Teufel sound set converts your music files into an impressive soundscape: the subwoofer generates deep bass down to 36 Hertz (-3 db), the full-range satellites transport all of the music information from the mid-range to the high-frequency range in great detail, uncolored and loud. This practical, high-performance device combination creates an impressive spatial sound experience at the desk, in the youth room, in the student dorm or wherever you can find a place for the visually appealing set. Complete PC system in 5.1 surround sound console with three inputs and remote control Microphone and headphone connection 300 watt amplifier / 250 mm woofer Five high-performance satellites with table stand Innovations

10 PC speakers Concept B 200 USB Compact stereo system for PC multimedia Two slim boxes plus integrated amplifier (120 watts Sinus) Integrated USB sound card for Mac and PC Two inputs plus USB hub (3 x) Extremely natural playback quality The first 2.0 -Music system that was specifically developed for use on the PC. The set consists of two two-way loudspeaker boxes and an integrated amplifier in a separate all-metal housing. The spatial separation of loudspeakers and amplifiers has many advantages: slimmer speakers, increased connectivity, more convenient operation, better sound. The connection to the PC can be made via USB. Thanks to the USB sound card integrated in the amplifier, you are no longer dependent on the often modest quality of the sound chip on your PC. The superior Teufel sound quality works with every computer. In addition, we have integrated a USB hub, which makes it easy to connect additional USB peripheral devices to your PC. Particularly convenient with notebooks, where there is always a lack of USB ports. The external amplifier also offers three connection options for source devices, e.g. Mp3 player, ipod dock, games console. Of course, headphones and microphone can also be connected in combination as a headset.The small amplifier has it all in terms of performance. Four 30 watt output stages individually supply the two high and two low-midrange drivers of the stereo speakers. The two slim stereo speakers were optimally matched to the amplifier and the intended use (= short listening distance). You achieve a linear tone progression that also takes the bass range into account, not least thanks to the integrated bass reflex opening in the trumpet foot. The balanced frequency response with detailed resolution predestines the set for analytical tasks in the audio / video studio area, where exact reproduction is of great importance. The Concept B 200 USB brings the original hi-fi idea of ​​a balanced sound image into the world of inexpensive PC speakers. If you want strong bass and noticeable effects above all, a subwoofer satellite set is an alternative. For friends of natural, neutral timbres with demanding music, on the other hand, the decision can now only be: Sound on the PC = Concept B 200 USB. AREA DVD [] High-quality, powerful and flexible multimedia 2.0 sound solution for the typical devil low price. Gamer-network.com [] Despite its compact design, the Concept B 200 USB impresses across the board: The high-quality workmanship, the great sound image and the numerous extras form a perfect symbiosis. The easy commissioning and timeless appearance speak in favor of buying the Concept B 200 USB. The usual Teufel quality meets heavenly acoustics. 10 novelties

11 iPod accessories Teufel Sound with the iPod There's no question that the iPod has revolutionized the way we listen to music today. But the musical experience is often limited by inferior headphones. Or you want to share your playlists with other people. So that this can happen with the best possible sound quality, Teufel has developed a whole range of active loudspeaker systems. Immerse yourself in the iteufel world, then you will experience what can become of your music files. How about a radio that can wake you up to your favorite songs from your iPod? And in the best Teufel sound! iteufel Radio A radio like the good old days: FM reception in top quality, easy to use even without an engineering degree. And yet ultra-modern thanks to the interface for all ipods and digital clocks, including an alarm function. Timelessly convincing: the official Teufel sound thanks to 50 watt peak power, two full-range speakers, integrated subwoofer. Sound-rich stereo table radio with 35 watts sinus / 50 watts maximum output FM reception with 10 storage spaces Dock interface for all ipod alarms with signal tone, radio, ipod Integrated subwoofer for extra bass innovations

12 iPod accessories iteufel Box v2 Don't be satisfied with playing your iPod music collection on playback systems with kitchen radio quality. The iteufel box speaker pair with integrated amplifier provides you with classic hi-fi quality for the ipod. iteufel Box is an active hi-fi stereo set that has no compromises compared to conventional stereo boxes and is designed precisely to meet the needs of an iPod user. With meticulous Thiele / Small coordination and an adapted 50 watt amplifier unit, sufficient power is provided to fill even larger rooms up to 25 square meters with sound. The current version v2 guarantees compatibility with the latest ipod. The universal dock integrated in a box not only connects all iPod models to the amplifier, but also charges the media player at the same time. A rear USB interface ensures direct communication with the computer. The remote control supplied copies the ipod control panel so that all player functions can also be conveniently controlled from the armchair. Two further analog inputs allow the additional integration of further playback devices. You can also directly integrate the TV sound, the output of a notebook or another MP3 player here. Thus, the combination of iteufel Box v2 and ipod becomes the most reduced hi-fi system in the world with a wide range of options and an unrestrictedly convincing sound. Classic hi-fi speaker with ipod dock Generous 50 watts sinus output 13 cm woofer and 2.5 cm dome tweeter Two additional stereo line inputs Compatible with current ipod color variant white audio [] The combination not only looks great, it also sounds great: Ingenious An idea with a real hi-fi experience. AUDIO rating: Outstanding. Price / performance: Outstanding HiFi test [] The iteufel box does not only stand out from other ipod docking stations by its design, the equipment is also unrivaled. Thanks to the variety of connections, owners of other media players can also enjoy the great devil's sound. Price / performance: 1.1 very good 12 innovations

13 Home cinema systems Home cinema systems Here you will find complete audio systems from Teufel. That means: Teufel loudspeakers optionally combined with decoder, amplifier or receiver and all necessary cables in a complete package. All your musical source devices can be connected to these sets for playback in Teufel sound: Playstation, Xbox, Wii, media hard drive, TV, cassette recorder, video recorder, DVD player, DJ mixer, computer, notebook and much more. In this way, you get fantastic sounding sets thanks to perfectly matched components from a single source. The Teufel complete systems are the sure way to a top-class listening experience at the best price. new hits

14 Home cinema systems Concept E 300 Digital 5.1 complete set for home cinema / multimedia in the living room Connection box with integrated Dolby Digital / dts decoder Eight inputs (4 x digital - 4 x analog) 300 watt maximum power two-way satellites The Concept E 300 digital Combination conjures up good sound from all possible sources: Playstation, Xbox, Wii, media hard drive, DVB-T receiver, TV, PC, MP3 player, DVD recorder, satellite receiver, etc. Case conversion [] Teufel has it again proven that there is no messing about here: a clear buy recommendation. The decoder station 5 with Dolby / DTS decoder and eight inputs acts as the control center. Easily controllable with the included remote control. The Concept E 300 speaker set with a generously designed subwoofer and five satellite boxes is responsible for the fantastic sound. The integrated 5.1 amplifier distributes 300 watts to the 250 mm woofer and the two-way speakers enough for rooms up to 25 m 2. Whether as a compact home cinema, as a luxurious PC solution, as a universal multimedia set for all musical situations, the Concept E 300 Digital is the best modern sound system that can be bought for this amount. That's what we stand for ... AREA DVD [] Our summary: More sound, quality and features are unlikely to be available at the moment. Concept E 400 Digital There is always a point in life where you no longer want to make compromises. Then the ultimate solution is needed: Concept E 400 Digital. Here, too, the focus is on decoder station 5, which leaves nothing to be desired with its numerous connection options. It decodes Dolby Digital, DTS and uses Dolby Pro Logic to turn simple stereo signals into a brilliant surround experience. The fact that this is heard and felt so impressively by the listeners is due to the stable 500-watt power amplifier. It drives a 300 mm bass chassis that is bloodcurdling. Thanks to the five identical two-way loudspeakers, the overall quality is at the highest level. In fact: the only restriction that Teufel allowed with this sensational multi-channel set is the price. Computer Base [] Concept E 400 The set convinces without any problems on the PC and also in film and game use. In addition, the music playback has been improved: the bottom line is that it remains a powerful tool that can maintain its place in the price range. It sounds good, the subwoofer probably chapeau too good for the competition! [] Decoderstation 5 »Teufels-Kiste« Small, practical, inexpensive: If you are looking for a way to couple several sound sources with a compact active speaker system and want to spend as little money as possible, the Decoderstation 5 is the right choice. 500 watt power amplifier 5 identical two-way satellite speakers Outstanding multi-channel sound Flexible installation options Decoder station included 14 innovations

15 Home cinema systems Cinebar 50 In many households, the tube TV has already given way to a stylish flat screen. But mostly the pleasure is limited to the big picture. No trace of the equal tone. You can fundamentally change that with the Cinebar 50, because it is also a complete virtual surround system for playback of DVD, Blu-ray, satellite / Premiere / DVB-T decoder and many other signal sources. Cinebar 50 offers an amazing one Ambience impression that comes astonishingly close to a classic surround structure. Cinebar 50 consists of two elements of a narrow loudspeaker bar and an external subwoofer. Six individual chassis, the entire control and connection electronics and an amplifier with 2 x 100 watts sinus are built into the main unit. The subwoofer delivers an additional 150 watts of sine via its own amplifier, which stands for an incomparable film experience. The Cinebar 50 is supplied with a remote control that provides easy access to the most important functions. The status can be checked on the large, easy-to-read device display. The main unit has two rear mounting brackets for direct mounting on the wall. An additional table base is included in the scope of delivery for positioning on a TV unit. A flat screen plus Cinebar 50 is already a small home theater. av-magazin.de [] The Teufel Cinebar 50 is much more than an acoustic upgrade for a weak TV sound. Thanks to the innovative Dolby Virtual Speaker technology and the powerful subwoofer, the space-saving home cinema system sounds very spacious and has an impressive bass. AudioVideoFotoBild [] The Teufel Cinebar 50 set is solidly made and delivers a natural, rich sound. 1st place in the comparative test Ideal addition to flat screens External subwoofer for realistic film experience 5 inputs (3 x digital, 2 x analog) Dolby Virtual Surround Technology High output of 350 watts Sinus Innovations

16 Home cinema systems Impaq 4000 Impaq 4000 is a complete sound package for authentic surround playback from five loudspeakers and a subwoofer, an excellent choice for rooms up to 25 m2. The control center is a preamplifier with an integrated DVD player, RDS-compatible radio receiver, surround decoder plus remote control. The player plays all common formats, offers 1080p upscaling and HDMI inputs and outputs. 5.1 home cinema system for rooms up to 25 sqm DVD player p upscaling - HDMI radio - Dolby Digital / DTS decoder 400 watts sinus / 500 watt maximum output active subwoofer (200 mm woofer) Five identical compact Impaq 4000 boxes impress with a Coherent sound image which, thanks to its high dynamics and freedom from discoloration, is suitable for both film soundtracks and music reproduction that is true to the original. A six-channel amplifier with 5 x 50 watts and 1 x 150 watt sine wave is built into the subwoofer for the bass alone. Five optimized two-way compact loudspeakers create a convincing home cinema sound with the compact subwoofer. Impaq 6000 Impaq 6000 as a sound package for original surround playback consists of four loudspeaker columns, an adapted center and a powerful subwoofer. Rooms up to 35 square meters can be filled with full dynamics. 5.1 home cinema system for rooms up to 35 sqm DVD player p upscaling - HDMI radio - Dolby Digital / DTS decoder 400 watts sinus / 500 watt maximum output active subwoofer (250 mm woofer) high-gloss sound columns made of aluminum The switching center is the flat control unit , which combines a DVD player, an RDS-compatible radio receiver, surround decoder and preamplifier. The DVD player supports all common formats, 1080p upscaling and offers HDMI interfaces. Impaq 6000 delivers a balanced, discoloration-free sound image with a high degree of authenticity. Ideally suited for soundtracks and music reproduction that is true to the original. A six-channel amplifier with 5 x 50 watts sinus and 1 x 150 watts sinus works in the subwoofer. The four optimized loudspeaker columns and the identically equipped center, in combination with the large-volume subwoofer, ensure the best, deep home theater sound. 16 novelties

17 Home cinema systems CP 5100 DR Teufel is fulfilling customer requests for an in-house 5.1 receiver with the CP 5100 DR. The best: We have integrated the right DVD player right away. Combined with a Teufel speaker set, this creates a complete A / V multi-channel system. In a coordinated unit, the CP 5100 DR combines a remote-controlled 5.1 amplifier, surround decoder, RDS-compatible FM / MW radio receiver and a DVD player for all common formats. With 80 watts of sinus output per channel, it has enough reserves to adequately supply several Teufel sets with power, including the associated bass management. The integrated decoder module converts Dolby Digital / DTS signals for authentic 5.1 playback. Stereo sources can be upgraded with Dolby Prologic II to create a convincing surround illusion. Finally, Dolby Headphone technology provides an additional sense of space when using headphones. The built-in DVD drive supports DVD-Video, DVD-Audio and CDs. It reads the common picture and sound formats, including Dolby Digital / DTS, MP3 and WAV. A powerful video scaler converts every image format to an optimal resolution of up to 1080p. In addition to HDMI ports, Scart, S-Video, component and composite sockets are available. Four digital audio inputs allow the connection of additional playback devices. The CP 5100 DR also accepts audio data from MP3 players or memory sticks via USB. The perfect complement to the flat screen Teufel sound in the safe and uncomplicated way Receiver with integrated DVD player HDMI / upscaling up to 1080p Twelve video ports including HDMI Eight audio inputs including USB 80 watts sinus output per channel Silver color Novelties

18 home cinema systems Cinepaq top-class home cinema system with a price advantage Modern surround receiver with integrated DVD player 80 watts maximum sinus output per channel Very high-quality compact speaker set For rooms up to 35 m2 Cinepaq 4400 is a coordinated, ready-to-play surround sound Complete system. The control unit CP 5100 DR combines a 5.1 amplifier with an integrated decoder, an RDS-compatible FM / MW radio, USB port and a DVD player for common picture and sound formats, including 1080p upscaling and HDMI connections . With 80 watts per channel, the Cinepaq 4400 offers enough reserves for 5.1 sound reinforcement in rooms up to 35 square meters. Three ultra-compact M 450 FCR front radiators in a THX-compliant chassis arrangement ensure a harmonious sound. Either two more of these speakers (concert version) or the dipole models M 450 D (cinema version) supply the rear area. The M 4500 SW subwoofer with a 250 mm bass chassis and 250 watt power amplifier ensures crisp, deep bass. Cinepaq home cinema system with a timeless appearance Surround receiver with integrated DVD player 80 watts maximum sinus output per channel For rooms up to 35 sqm cinema set or concert version Cinepaq 5100 is a complete surround system that perfectly matches each other. A 5.1 receiver with Dolby Digital / DTS decoder, RDS-compatible FM / MW radio, USB input and DVD player for the common picture and sound formats acts as the control center. 1080p upscaling and HDMI connections are a matter of course. With 80 watts per channel, the Cinepaq 5100 system has enough reserves to fill rooms up to 35 square meters with sound. The surprisingly small-format speaker set combines astonishing sound volume and timeless design. The satellites MO 10 FCR and MO 10 D contain heavy-duty high-tech chassis. The triangular A 1000 SW subwoofer with a 250 mm driver and 250 watt amplifier creates a rich bass feeling. Cinepaq 5100 represents what is currently feasible in terms of design, workmanship and technology in the smallest of spaces. Home cinema and hi-fi playback without compromise. 18 novelties

19 Home cinema systems Cinepaq 6400 Cinepaq 6400 as a surround system covers rooms up to 50 square meters. Here we have combined the LT 4 aluminum loudspeaker set, the CP 5100 DR DVD receiver and an AC 3025 WS cable package. Of course with a price advantage for you ... The CP 5100 DR combines a 5.1 amplifier with Dolby Digital / DTS decoder, RDS-compatible FM / MW radio, USB connection and a DVD player with 1080p upscaling up to 1080p and HDMI connections. The slim loudspeaker columns deliver hi-fi quality, level stability and harmonious overall surround sound from four 100 mm mid-range drivers and an additional dome tweeter. The 250 watt subwoofer with a 300 mm chassis provides a real rich sound, especially in the important bass range. 5.1 home cinema package for rooms up to 50 sqm Price advantage through complete purchase Surround receiver with integrated DVD player Maximum 80 watts sinus per channel High-performance speaker set with aluminum columns Cinepaq home cinema package with extra flat columns Suitable for rooms up to 50 sqm Surround receiver with integrated DVD player A maximum of 80 watts sinus per channel Price advantage through bundle configuration Cinepaq 6900 is a complete surround system for larger rooms up to 50 square meters. The Columa 900 loudspeaker ensemble, the CP 5100 DR DVD receiver and the AC 3025 WS cable set have all been put together at a lower price.The CP 5100 DR combines a 5.1 amplifier with Dolby Digital / DTS decoder, RDS-compatible FM / MW radio, USB connection and a DVD player 1080p upscaling and HDMI connections. The strikingly flat column speakers offer high power handling and, thanks to 2.5-way technology, a very linear frequency response, while the powerful subwoofer with two 200 mm drivers shows the best bass performance. new hits

20 Home cinema speakers Teufel home cinema speakers: spectacular and inexpensive Why do you want to forego the experience you know from the cinema at home? There is no reason for that. While flat screens have now found their way everywhere, sound usually leads a neglected existence. You can change that drastically with the use of a Teufel home theater combination. Since 1995, our specialists have been developing speaker sets for every requirement and budget and this is documented again and again in the best quality, as countless test reports have shown. Don't waste any more time, invest in a home theater experience that will captivate you every day. Theater 80 Theater 80 is inexpensive to buy and yet acoustically at Teufel level. The home theater set for connection to common AV receivers is determined by the newly developed T 80 FCR satellite speaker. Designed as a classic two-way loudspeaker, it benefits from the two precisely fitted, high-quality chassis for the high and mid-bass range. The sweeping design of the baffle is not only an eye-catcher in terms of appearance, it also makes technical sense. Disturbing edges disappear, a better radiation behavior is the audible, positive result. A full, round sound is achieved through the appropriate volume of the housing and woofer. Theater 80 is not only suitable for DVD sound, but also for enjoying music. The T 80 FCR loudspeaker, which is intended for the transmission of dialogues, is also supplied with a landscape-format cover if the spatial conditions allow it to be placed under the TV, for example. A 150 watt sine output stage is built into the subwoofer, which breathes life into the 25 centimeter chassis. Theater 80 is therefore suitable for a wide variety of living room facilities, which it transforms into a more than decent home theater. 5 identical HiFi satellite speakers Active subwoofer with 150 watt power amplifier Chic design Optimized radiation behavior Teufel sound for the tight budget HiFi test [] The Theater 80 from Teufel is actually a real surprise: it makes it at an almost outrageously low price of 450 euros The Berliners are once again very confident in pairing rousing sound quality and appealing design with appropriate processing quality. With the sound of a “big one”, the design of an “expensive one” and the price of a “cheap one”, Theater 80 reveals itself to be a real “satan roast”! Price / performance: excellent, overall rating: 1.3 feet are special accessories. 20 novelties

21 Home cinema loudspeakers Theater 100 Teufel is continuing the history of the legendary Theater 1 with the Theater 100 5.1 speaker set. The sound quality of the successor is even higher for the same price. In addition, the Teufel designers worked intensively on the design. With its high-gloss black front sections, Theater 100 is more attractive than its predecessor. A Theater 100 gives you technical features that are otherwise only reserved for significantly more expensive speaker sets: Real hi-fi quality, dipoles for the rear area and a subwoofer with a depth of up to 33 Hz. The front satellite boxes in their 5-liter wooden housing each have a 130 -mm mid-bass chassis and a 25 mm fabric dome cover the tonal spectrum above the deep bass in a linear manner. Coherent surround sound is created by the landscape-format center with attached tweeter, whose chassis arrangement corresponds to that of the T 100 F satellite. For an atmospheric living room sound that you are used to from large cinemas, Teufel relies on a dipole configuration with double chassis equipment for the T 100 D rear speakers. The ensemble is completed by the T 1000 SW subwoofer, whose 250 watt Class D amplifier drives a 250 mm chassis. The frequency response goes down to 33 Hz. With this equipment you can achieve a homogeneous, dynamic home cinema and music sound for rooms up to 35 square meters. 5.1 box set for home cinema and music Excellent price / performance ratio Unrestricted hi-fi quality Dipoles for home cinema atmosphere 250 watt active subwoofer up to 33 Hz av-magazin.de [] Whether stereo or multi-channel sound, the Theater 100 offers excellent sound quality at a fair price. Overall rating: very good. Feet are special accessories. new hits

22 Home cinema speakers Theater 200 The 5.1 home cinema set Theater 200 follows in the footsteps of the legendary Theater 2, whose sound was described as a quantum leap in surround sound when the press appeared. In its fourth generation, Theater 200 once again fulfills the higher demands of the present with flying colors. New woofers and dome tweeters with neodymium drive ensure excellent dynamics, the best three-dimensionality and a harmonious balance with the lowest possible distortion. The tweeter of the horizontally constructed center speaker T 200 C, which is mounted outside the front wall, enables perfect, time-corrected impulse and speech reproduction. It is also used in the elaborately designed T 200 F front boxes in portrait format. The identical chassis equipment of the center and the left and right front speakers results in a completely homogeneous sound system in the front area. The dipole rear speakers T 100 D are each characterized by a double chassis configuration of tweeters and mid-woofers, with which you can create an emotional cinema atmosphere. Last but not least, a powerful 250 watt amplifier drives the mighty 330 mm subwoofer chassis in the T 2000 SW and thus provides a bass foundation of up to 28 Hertz with enormous level capabilities. With the theater loudspeaker set you can easily fill rooms up to 50 square meters with fascinating home cinema sound. We are sure: You won't get more level, massive use of materials and sound in uncompromising hi-fi quality for musical home cinema enjoyment anywhere at this price. Home cinema [] A chic look, great workmanship, excellent sound quality and an excellent price-performance ratio: Anyone who is currently thinking of finally getting a home cinema system that brings real cinema sound home, can be easily integrated and is easy on the wallet , will not be able to avoid Teufels Theater 200: Clear purchase recommendation! 5.1 home cinema set with a classic appearance Front speakers and center with offset tweeter Full-range dipoles for the effect channels Subwoofer with 330 mm chassis up to 28 Hz Suitable for rooms up to 50 square meters Stand feet are special accessories. 22 novelties

23 Home cinema loudspeaker System 5 THX Select 2 A new level of room sound in the living room at home thanks to the reference ensemble System 5 THX Select 2. The modified new edition of the legendary Teufel home cinema set is the world's first set to meet the extremely demanding requirements the new THX standard Select 2. The identical main speakers shine with two mid-range speakers in flat-membrane technology that are flush with the housing. Advantage: zero phase shifts, reduced distortion, no horns. The fabric dome tweeter for the sound components above 2000 Hz, which is positioned extremely close to the seamless transition, benefits from this. THX is also introducing the new Select 2 performance category for loudspeakers. The requirements for a THX Select 2 loudspeaker correspond to those according to THX Ultra 2, however, a lower sound pressure is required, which is adapted to the operation of a loudspeaker in a living room (in contrast to the specific, larger home cinema room). Two special three-way loudspeakers designed as a dipole operate in the rear area. The two boxes each contain a 130 mm woofer and two tweeter / mid-range combinations offset by 180 degrees on the front and back. The omnidirectional radiation of the dipoles makes a decisive contribution to the credible character of the sound reproduction. The System 5 THX Select 2 is delivered in its full expansion stage for rooms up to 50 sqm with two subwoofers in order to meet the merciless THX Select 2 requirement: 25 Hz at 102 db. Brand new: the smaller and therefore cheaper System 5 configuration with a single subwoofer. Still enough power for 35 square meters of sound area. System 5, the version for rooms up to 35 sqm. At the new THX Select 2 level, this System 5 generates a breathtaking reproduction quality, which in terms of dynamics, brutality, fine resolution and naturalness puts anything previously experienced in the shade. This applies to home theater sound as well as to music playback. More than ever without restrictions. The world's first surround set with THX Select 2 certificate. A new level of home theater sound and music playback. Front speaker with flat membrane technology Dipoles for authentic film enjoyment. Two subwoofers with a 300 mm chassis. AREA DVD [] Standard-setting home theater performance for the toughest Preis Teufel has outdone itself with the System 5 THX Select 2! Home cinema [] With the world's first THX Select 2 home system, Teufel has hit the jackpot. There is only one question left: what can be done better? Test result: Outstanding 1.1 feet are special accessories. new hits

24 Home cinema loudspeaker System 8 THX Ultra 2 With the System 8 THX Ultra 2, Teufel has achieved two extremely demanding goals: to overhaul the legendary reference set Theater 8 acoustically and at the same time to drastically reduce the housing dimensions. Most noticeable is the progress made with the subwoofer: although the case volume has been reduced by two thirds (!), The System 8-Bassbox SW is the world's only subwoofer with just one high-performance bass driver that meets the extremely demanding THX Ultra 2 requirements. The S 8000 SW impressively demonstrates the extreme expertise that Teufel has been able to demonstrate in the construction of special woofer speakers for over 20 years. The smallest 5.1 speaker set in the world with THX Ultra 2 license THX Ultra 2 sound level without compromising on living space. First THX Ultra 2 subwoofer with a 300 mm bass chassis. Identical front speakers with high-tech flat membranes. Full-range dipoles with integrated Woofer with reverse polarity radiate sound. The sound components emitted in the direction of the audience are minimized; only the reflections from the walls are perceived. As a result, the viewer finds himself in a spatially completely open soundscape. The main reason for the incredible performance of the S 8000 SW is the use of a woofer that has been developed in many steps and has a long throw with simultaneous magnetic shielding (THX requirement!). Low distortion factor and extreme efficiency contribute to the fact that with 500 watts sinus the same distortion-free levels are generated, for which significantly higher amplifier powers were required in the past. The S 800 FCR front loudspeakers, which are optimized for wall mounting, shine with their modern flat-membrane chassis in the low and mid-range. Their advantage: zero phase shifts, reduced distortion, no horns. Although it has shrunk by 40% compared to its predecessor, the sound level has been increased thanks to the latest chassis technologies, computer-aided Klippel optimization, and intensive coordination work by our engineers. With the three-way speakers for the rear sound system, a 130 mm woofer provides the fundamental foundation, while on each side a 100 mm midrange and a 25 mm dome against each other with the System 8 THX Ultra 2, Teufel presents the first absolute High-end set that does not dominate the room, but can be harmoniously integrated into a living room. An elegant form of the top-class home cinema is possible thanks to System 8 THX Ultra 2. Home cinema [] Teufels engineers have made the unbelievable once more possible and created a THX-certified home cinema system that is even more fascinating, harmonious, agile and, if necessary, brute and subtle goes to work, is even more fun and at the same time even more compact and therefore more integration and living space-friendly than its legendary predecessor. Test result: Outstanding (1+) 24 innovations