What is Opt in Email Marketing

Opt out

At the Opt out the recipient of a newsletter is given the opportunity to contact a simple clickto unsubscribe from the distribution list using a form or by sending an unsubscribe email. This is equivalent to revoking the consent that a subscriber previously gave the sender to receive his newsletter.

So that Opt outlegally secure The user must have given consent to receive it beforehand, ideally via double opt-in. An automatic entry in a recipient list with the possibility of subsequently using Opt out discharging is not legally permitted and by definition on the verge of spam. The recipient's consent must be available for every electronic advertising message sent active has made.

In Germany you are legally obliged to have subscribers at any time a Opt out to enable and in particular not through additional hurdles how to make a login more difficult. For example, every newsletter contains a corresponding unsubscribe link. A two-stage deregistration process via double opt-out, in which the deregistration only has to be confirmed in a second step by responding to a deregistration email, should also be avoided in practice in order to make the deregistration as uncomplicated as possible.

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