How was counterfeit money first made

Counterfeit money: seven tips on how to spot flowers

You can identify counterfeit money by examining it carefully. How to do it and what to do if you have counterfeit money in your wallet.

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Confiscated, counterfeit banknotes: Counterfeiters most often reprint 20 and 50 euro bills. Photo: Boris Roessler

In principle, euro bills are difficult to forge. The European Central Bank (ECB) still wants to make banknotes more secure: From 2013, new notes with improved security features will gradually come into circulation. However, counterfeit money can already be identified in many cases.

1. The risk of counterfeit money is high with these banknotes

Unfortunately, you can hardly escape counterfeit money, because counterfeiters do not reprint the large euro bills, but according to experts, counterfeiters most often print 20 and 50 euro bills.

2. Counterfeit money feels too slick

If consumers have doubts about the authenticity of a banknote, they should run their index finger over the lettering with the five abbreviations for European Central Bank, advises Julia Topar from the banking association. The abbreviations “BCE ECB EZB EKT EKP” on top of the front are very slightly raised, so they were punched into the paper from behind. The trapezoid, which is just a few millimeters to the left below the lettering, is also highlighted.

3. Counterfeit money has a different quality of paper

In addition, the quality of the paper is special. If it feels strange, for example thinner or not so firm, this can be a sign of counterfeit money. Not only experts felt that, says Topar. "We have money in hand every day."

4. Note the visible features

Seeing comes to feeling: Several visible features are incorporated into each bill, says Topar. For example, the value number - on the front top left - is only fully visible in backlight. Lying flat on the table, only a few curved bars can be seen. Watermarks are incorporated underneath, which can almost only be seen against the light. It is always about a building and the value number.

5. Check the hologram

If you still have doubts, you should tip the bill. The hologram, the shiny strip on the right, must then shimmer in different colors on the front. It looks like the colors are moving up and down.

6. What to do with counterfeit money

If the tests show that the bill is a flower, it must go to the police. The house bank can help to dispel any remaining doubts.

7. Bring counterfeit money to the police

Nobody will reimburse the lost value. Nevertheless, one should bring counterfeit money to the police. Because: Anyone who recognizes counterfeit money but does not report it must expect a fine of up to 100,000 euros.

Source: dpa

| Updated: Monday September 7, 2015 1:14 PM

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