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Typical Australia! 35 things you will love about down under

What is typical Australia? Above all the breathtaking nature, but also the people and cities. I'll show you 35 things that make this huge country on the other side of the earth so unique to me and that you will love too. Well, at least most of them.

1. Koalas

Only available in Australia. Sleep 20 hours a day. Mostly hang in trees and only eat a certain plant. You can just love these koalas.

2. Red sand

Simpson Desert by enjosmith, on Flickr

3. Coast

Australia has an insane 35,876 km of coastline that can be more diverse than anywhere else in the world. From steep cliffs to heavenly sandy beaches, everything is there.

4. Great surf spots

Where there is a lot of coast, there are also lots of great surf spots.

5. Crocodiles

Crocodiles live in the wild mainly in the tropical and subtropical regions in the north of the country (Northern Territory and Queensland). Australians like to carry one around. But you'd better steer clear of crocodiles.

6. Street signs

There are countless street signs like this across the country.

7. Kookaburra

This bird is laughing at you. At least that's what the annoying chirping of the Kookaburra, which only occurs in Australia, sounds like.

8. Vegemite

The Vegemite spread is as popular with the Aussies as it is Nutella with us. It tastes really good…. NOT!! (* bähh *, * Würg *)

But if you can't get enough of this “delicious” delicacy, then order a truckload of Vegemite straight to your home: Order a 220g glass of Vegemite here

9. Dangerous animals

Australia has the most venomous mainland snake and spiders in the world. You can read here why you don't have to worry about it anyway.

10. Kangaroos

The kangaroo is one of the national symbols of Australia. Even so, Australians don't like kangaroos that much. They are even eaten and your meat is exported. One of the main buyers for it: Germany.

11. Run over kangaroos

You will see more of them than you would like on a road trip through Australia. Because they kind of love to jump in front of cars. For reasons of piety, there is a picture of a living kangaroo here.

12. Sharks

Not particularly popular with surfers. There are always reports of shark attacks on Australian TV. But you can also go swimming with these formidable fish in some places. Of course only in the cage.

13. Gray Nomads

You could almost think that the Dutch have taken over the streets of Australia. But in fact, the countless caravans that you will see chugging across the country mostly belong to retired Australians who are now exploring their country = Gray Nomads.

14. Backpacker

In addition to the Gray Nomads, you will mainly meet these fellows here. You're probably one of them too: backpacker. Backpackers are something like the second Australian and almost always broke;) Above all, many German backpackers travel through Down Under, but many other nations are also represented.

15. Impressive megacities

In addition to the breathtaking nature, Australia also offers metropolises such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Adelaide

16. Wombats

Aren't they cute, these wombats?

17. Places that consist of only one gas station

However, this one has her best days behind her.

18. Tim Tams

Tim Tams are extremely tasty, addicting chocolate cookies from the Australian company Arnott’s Biscuits Holdings. A Tim Tam consists of 2 biscuit waffles, coated with the finest, melted chocolate and a creamy filling ... mhh. You have to try it.

You can eat Tim Tams just like that, or - as the Australians like to do - use them as a drinking tube for milk or tea. YouTuber manniac shows it in this video here:

19. The word “Mate”

Perhaps the most used word by Australians: "Mate"

20. Canned beer

Australians drink a lot of canned beer. Not for everyone, but cheaper than bottled beer.

21. The outback

Outback selfie (Oodnadatta Track, South Australia) by krheesy, on Flickr

About 3/4 of the area of ​​Australia consists of the outback. This means regions far from civilized life.

22. Bogans

Bogan is an Australian slang word for people from the lower working class, comparable to a gun-mad hillbilly in the USA. Whom you meet one, you will recognize it immediately.

23. Goon

Goon is Australia's cheapest “wine” and comes in 4 liter plastic bags in cardboard boxes. Goon could contain fish eggs (it says that on the box) and will give you a pretty nasty headache.

24. Slap the Goon

Slap the Goon is a game invented in Australia in 1965, in which the important thing is to drink as much Goon as possible in the shortest possible time. Yeah, headache!
The game is available in a wide variety of variations, as shown in the picture: Wheel of Goon.

25. Natural sights such as the 12 Apostles, Uluru, White Haven Beach, Daintree Rainforest, Pinnacles, Fraser Island, Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, Great Barrier Reef, Ningaloo Reef, ...

Blue Mountains


26. Aboriginal

Aboriginal people are the first to colonize Australia. 50,000 years ago! It is the oldest still existing culture on earth. Very fascinating.

27. Didgeridoo

Didgeridoo player in Sydney.

28. Boomerang

29. National parks

In Australia there are an extremely large number of really ingenious national parks, such as the Karijini National Park (shown here on the picture). Others are e.g. Wilsons Promontory, Kakadu or Kalbarri.

30. Long straight roads


A distance of 400 km is a stone's throw for Australians. Very often you drive long distances in Australia and especially long roads without curves, like this one.

31. BBQ

Barbecue is sacred to Australians. That's why there are BBQ spots like the one in the photo that can be used free of charge all over the country. Very handy for road trips.

32. Australia Rules Football

Australia Football is a sport founded in the state of Victoria in which 32 players (18 per team) without protective suits try to kick an ellipsoidal ball over a huge elliptical field between two posts and beat each other in the process. That was the simple version of the rules. There is also rugby union, which was founded in Sydney, and rugby league. And of course normal rugby. Sounds complicated? It is.

33. Roadtrains

These extremely long trucks will surely overtake you every now and then on an Australia road trip. Better make room for them. By the way, this is only a small one. There are also longer ones.

34. Construction sites with sign holders

Probably the best job in human history.

35. Betting and Gambling - Melbourne Cup

Australians like to gamble and bet for their lives. Therefore, the day on which the Melbourne Cup takes place, a horse race, has been made a national holiday. Crazy.

Bonus: the starry sky

What is typical Australia for you? Write it in the comment section.

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