Where can I sell an email list

Everyone says your email list has the money.

Brief note: My texts may contain advertising about my products or advertising links (*) to products that I can recommend.

I keep catching myself spitting out exactly this sentence: “The gold is buried in your e-mail list!” And again and again I look into big question marks in your eyes. Not really, of course ... the likelihood is that I've never looked you so directly in the eye.

Hello?!? Introverts on board, then I have to go ...

But I've probably already told you this one time or the other digitally. No? Then you skipped too many of the previous 200 articles. Or not listening well. Because really ... I keep saying that!

Because it's just right.



I no longer use social media channels, my reach on this site is - in comparison and viewed as a whole - rather poor, and yet I can live very well from my products and offers. How come From my email list.

Because even if the chances are that we've looked deep into each other's eyes, the chances that you will be on my email list are damned high. And if you're one of the few who aren't on it yet ... well, let's just say, it won't stay that way for long if you like 180 degrees.

My secret superpower, if I would call it that, is definitely to convince people who are just getting to know me or who have just landed here as soon as possible that they will love my emails at least as much as they love my articles .

In fact, my superpower is making them feel like they really need to get my email. Most urgent. Best of all yesterday.

And there? That's where my gold is.

Clearly meant ambiguously.

There you will learn more, find out more and see more behind the scenes.

But there is also my market place. I sell there. Not like a barker, but with samples. Sweet treats that make you addicted to more. So it sells itself there almost by itself.

However, in order to turn your email list into a gold mine as well, you should follow a few rules.

They're not difficult to follow, but not everyone takes the effort to polish them up. And then whines about why there are only breadcrumbs lying around in her email list, but no gold.

Let me guess ... now you want to grab my shoulders, shake me and look deep into my eyes to make me spit out the rules.

Stay cool ... I'm already at it!

But don't scold me when the first one comes out of your ears - you always ask me about my “secret trick”, how I managed to live the way I can?

That point is it. Ignore him and you will never really get to where I am now.

And I don't mean the place or my lifestyle (regardless of location, if possible standing in a campervan by the sea, working on the MacBook Pro from anywhere).

But above all my monthly income:

According to my accountant, that was an average of € 6,400 in revenue per month in the first half of 2018 - I took it easy and had a lot of free time. And by that I mean: weeks and months off. In the second half of the year it was around € 8,000-9,000.

So now that I have subtly swung the club, what you can achieve if you stick to all - and I mean ALL - rules, persist and never give up, let's now come to the loose part of the article. The rules.

Can you also name the 7 commandments of the e-mail list if you want ...


You should gather the right people around you and make your statement clear.

"Now she's starting again ..."

Yes exactly. From that. Your ideal target person, your clear topic and your rivet and nail-proof positioning. Without that? I don't need to start with the rest.

I know this is tough. I know it is frustrating when these three aspects are not so easy for you.

I. White. the.

But I also know, without a doubt, that they are the absolute essence.

Without these three points? Would I still write articles for other companies, scrape up my three bucks in my account to stay in slightly shabby backpacker hostels with dirty bathrooms, so that I could at least travel somehow.

Without them, I would still be doing work for other people instead of tweaking my own projects when, where and as much as I want.

Without her I would still be wondering why nobody reads my blog, nobody books me as a mentor and everyone gives me likes and hearts, but no money.

Only if you know exactly who you want to address, who you want to work with, what you have to say, have to offer and give, and only if you communicate all of this in a crystal-clear manner - only then will you start to get real, to earn significant money.

So back to the planning table and start with it.

Don't get discouraged if this takes time. Or is tough. Nothing of value is easy to get. And I know you deserve it. So don't give up on the way!


You should love your neighbors and give them generously.

I hid a whole safe full of treasures at 180 degrees. There are now 7 gold pieces in it to collect.

In addition, there is a mini e-mail course, the income report of my first three years as a self-employed person and four different strategy plans.

Plus, of course, a well-hidden certificate that you can dig up for yourself at 180 degrees. (When I write and read it like that, Um 180 degrees is a single treasure hunt ...)

On every single page, in every single article and sometimes even in several corners, I give away knowledge, helpful instructions and information that are worth their weight in gold.

In return?

I'm just asking to be able to email you more of all of this. Sound like a good deal? It is.

From the first day on, I made sure that the ratio of free offers to paid offers is exceeded many times over. With articles, knowledge, audio blogs, webinars, video workshops, working materials ... whatever was necessary.

So if someone tells me that I am giving too many references to my paid offers, then I simply ask you to count how often you find content on this page that does not cost you a cent (such as this article, for example), but can bring them in crisp money (like this article for example), and how often I refer to my products (three times in this article with over 2,600 words).

Then I smile a bit dumb, wink briefly and move on. Because that's nonsense.

Shower people with real, helpful content. No matter what form, no matter what medium, no matter how, where and when - but do it often, regularly and don't save at the wrong end. Who is that still not enough for you? Will never buy from you.

(And at the end of the day, it's still a business, and you're not a non-profit, non-profit organization. Unless… you're one. Then I didn't say anything.)


You should have a plan and not wander aimlessly around.

If you have now followed the first three rules, then it is time for a clear battle plan at the latest. I also like to call it the route plan.

Because if you don't know where you want to go, you will never get there.

In online business this means that if it is not crystal clear to you what you actually want to offer in the end, you will never sell anything.

I know starting entrepreneurs who do everything right.

They position themselves, they attract the right people, they expand their list ... and then they are totally downcast that they are not making any money. Why? Because they never really thought about what they were actually trying to sell.

They have no clear product or offer ideas, no service that they would really enjoy, and they completely forget to lead their reach somewhere.

Make a rough plan right from the start. You can change, adjust and optimize it at any time, but have a plan.

What do you want to earn money with? What should your entry-level offer to your ideal target person be, for little money, in order to convince and inspire them of you and your offers? What should your next higher-priced offer be and what should your absolute premium offer be?

And then? Work towards it. And take your ideal target with you.


You should use your list to proclaim your word.

Sometimes people don't stop by my blog for weeks. There was a time when all the algorithms on social media channels ensured that people no longer saw me and then soon completely forgot about me.

I'm not talking about the darlings of my hardcore fans.

I'm talking about those who have seen and found me somewhere, were enthusiastic about what I do, but were then simply swallowed up by this gray monster called "everyday life".

People don't forget us because they find us uninteresting or useless. People forget us because they have busy lives, short attention spans, and too much on the to-do list. People are human. That's all.

So you have to make them remember you again.

And nothing can do that as well as sending them e-mails from time to time.

"Hey you, do you remember? You used to spend hours with me, scrolled a whole afternoon and missed your lunch break at work because you couldn't stop. Yes, exactly, I am. I have something for you again, which will also sweeten your next lunch break a little ... "

Don't expect people to remember you. Remind them of you.


You should use your list to guide people through your content.

At some point your content will become confusing. That's what happens when you give away so much knowledge, and it's a good thing. Then your archive will almost overflow, you should actually have at least five links to all channels and sources at the end of every article and every email and yes, if you are honest, you do exactly that.

Which leads to the fact that you overwhelm people so unfoundingly that they do nothing at all for that very reason.

Click nothing, look nothing, do not follow, and certainly not buy.

Have you ever stood in front of one of these beautiful signs pointing in all directions to the most dreamy destinations on earth? And have you ever been completely in a state of shock because you didn't even know where to go first, but you know for sure that you only have the option of walking into one of them?

Then you also know what you did in the end. You went back home In not a single one of them. Because even if you had had all the resources (money, time, transport ...) for it, you would not have been able to make up your mind.

It's even worse on the internet. Because here people don't even have the resources for it.

The resource they most lack? Time.

People don't have time. So if you give them five to ten options of what to do with their tiny amount of time (lunch break, train ride, breakfast), then they do something very cruel: they postpone it to "later" when they have enough time. That they will never have.

So they never postpone you and your five to ten options.

But what if you just put up a sign with an enticing direction and a clear request to run after you? Then they follow. Without thinking.


You should use your list to seduce them. (Completely legal and free of minors!)

So now we have finally come to gold. I know ... a hell of a long way to get here, right? But that's exactly why they are really keen on you now. And above all, what you have to offer.

Which is why now is the right time to tackle this matter with the "Tripwire Offer". A really ugly word for a really clever move, so let's rename it ... let's just say: stumbling blocks. Actually it would be a stumbling block of gold, but that's really too long now.

If they have followed you, have collected all the gold coins you have been given and learned to love, make them a tiny introductory offer.

Usually, if you're a fresh start entrepreneur and are just planning products that will be somewhere between € 20 and € 50, this may be a really low-priced offer.

My very first offers on Um 180 Degrees were, for example, my small e-books, individually, for € 5.99. Yeah right. Just under 6 €. It's almost a gift. Which is why they were ripped out of my hands.

I published one every 14 days until all five of them appeared as a package for € 24.99 initially. These products, for a price that was far, far below their value, laid the foundation for my hardcore fans back then, when I was still almost nobody and hardly anyone knew how things work with products on the Internet.

I could have ripped them off completely. I don't have it.

So you don't have to do it the same way today. Probably wouldn't work that way anymore.

But after they have devoured your content and received and absorbed a few emails from you with even more helpful content, you could make a cheap entry-level offer. Not at all intrusive, just offer it in a charming way.

Ideally, this should be less than € 10. And be worth far, far more. That's perfect.


You should use your list - to sell!

Then you have completely convinced them with your stumbling block, on which they got stuck for the first time.

Now they know that not only are you perfect for them, that your free content shows up regularly, that you keep your promises and give them an incredible amount of helpfulness - they now also know that the products they open their wallets for are accurate offer the same and more! From now on, every purchase will be so much easier for her.

And yet there is another important step separating you from giving you money:

You have to ask her about it!

You have to tell them to spend their money!

You have to sell!

Your email list is now the perfect place for it. A cozy place of trust and security. You're not telling them crap here - you've proven that several times. There are no algorithms to distract you here, and here they don't forget you either, because you remind them of you.

All you have to do now? One has to think about actually selling.

To tell them what your next or existing offering will bring them, how much better and easier it will make their life and how much it will change with it.

And then you have to tell them very clearly that they should buy it.

Without hesitation, with no apologies for the price (why bother ?! It's worth it.), Without a doubt.

Selling your product is what you have been working towards for so long. Filling your list with people who were just waiting for this was exactly what it was about.

Now is the time to sell!


These rules are easy to read. Even if the article has become long, all of this is logical and yet somehow totally simple and simple. But the real catch isn't in the innovative nature or the totally newfangled marketing strategies. None of this is new or innovative.

And yet so few people make it to their destination.

How so?

Because it is the implementation that counts. And very few people put the work into the implementation.

They read the rules, they nod and roll their eyes (Yes, yes, of course.) and then - don't do anything. Because everything is so clear and logical that there has to be something else.

Another secret that I just don't want to share.

Believe me or not, there is none. That's all. That is the entire secret.

So the only open question is:

What is really still holding you back from the implementation?

I would like to suspect that maybe it is your head that is still holding you back.

And don't cheat your way through here.

Let me help you! I recently started my all-round mindset course: It's all a matter of attitude.

He will help you to sell confidently and visibly. Get it now!


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