Wear shorts incorrectly

Wearing underwear properly: These mistakes can be harmful to your health

Wearing underwear properly - here are a few basic rules for shorts, briefs, briefs & Co.

At some point in human history, it must have occurred to someone that we should wear underwear under normal clothing - a pretty ingenious idea, because it is much more hygienic and prevents the skin from coming into contact with dirt and bacteria. (Also read: Underwear for men - We give tips for the best style “down under”)

Which underwear you wear doesn't really matter, right? Not correct! It's not just about putting on any piece of fabric. You should pay close attention to the cut, fit and material, otherwise irritation, small injuries and, in the worst case, even unpleasant infections can occur. And you really don't need that in this region of the body, right? (Also interesting: Can you be allergic to face masks? And what do you have to look out for?)

Boxer shorts or briefs - both ok, but the fit is what counts.

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These are the mistakes many make when choosing and wearing underwear

1. The wrong stuff

Underpants made of scratchy fabric are not only uncomfortable (and you may have to go to the private parts scratching, a no-go!), but can cause irritation, contact dermatitis and allergic reactions. Materials like polyester and rayon are problematic for many people here, and the wrong fabric doesn't breathe properly either. The accumulated sweat can cause skin irritation and itching.

2. Underpants that are too tight

Wearing boxers or briefs that are too tight will trap moisture and sweat. Not only can this cause itching, but in the worst case it can also lead to a fungal infection that can spread to the entire genital area and leave red spots and rashes behind. Tight underwear can also negatively affect sperm count.

3. Too aggressive detergent

The detergent you use to clean your underwear can also cause irritation and allergies. Therefore, you should use a neutral, unscented and hypoallergenic detergent and make sure that you rinse the underwear well so that no residue is left on the underpants before putting them back on.

4. An incorrect fit

An improper fit can cause body parts to end up where they shouldn't be. This can cause chafing or irritation. This problem can be avoided with well-fitting underwear.

5. Do the wrong underwear for sports

If you don't wear the right underwear while exercising, sweat can build up, causing chafing and pain during certain exercises. When exercising, be sure to wear breathable cotton underwear that is loose and comfortable.

If a man wears panties, they should never be too tight.

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What is the best underwear for men's health?

The choice between boxer shorts, briefs or no underwear at all really depends on what you like best and what is most comfortable for you. However, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind:

  1. 1

    You should always choose a breathable fabric to maintain the correct body temperature and regulate sweat.

  2. 2

    The underwear should support the testicles well and not be too tight.

  3. 3

    The underwear should fit snugly so that there is no irritation if two areas of skin rub against each other.

Which form is the best from a health point of view? Well, if you don't wear underwear, the most sensitive areas are exposed - underpants that are too tight are uncomfortable, lead to skin irritations and can even negatively affect fertility. So choose something in between, for example briefs that are tighter than boxer shorts, but sit loosely and are not as tight as panties. (Worth reading: women really like these underwear for men)

Should you sleep in your underwear?

According to experts, you should actually sleep naked because underwear can trap moisture, increase the temperature of the surroundings and cause irritation. However, if you don't feel comfortable with it, you should at least go for a loose cut and a light material. But keep in mind that sleeping naked is better for your health - and sleeping naked together is good for your relationship and sex life too. (Also interesting: with these 8 tricks you will sleep 8 hours a night)

What is the best material for underwear?

Nylon helps absorb moisture and keep it away from your body, spandex blends help keep your underwear in place, and cotton is a natural, breathable material that is comfortable. What you should definitely avoid are purely synthetic materials. (Worth reading: That's why we twitch when falling asleep)

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