What is the most realistic FPS game

The best free first person shooters

Call of Duty - Warzone

The free shooter "Call of Duty - Warzone" offers a battle royal mode, similar to "Fortnite", "PlayerUnknown’s Battleground" (PUBG) and "Apex Legends". In this Free2Play variant of "Call of Duty", you and up to 150 other players will be dropped by plane onto the "Verdansk" map, which has been known since "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare". This card shrinks as the game progresses, forcing players to fight until the winner remains. However, there are differences to "Fortnite", "PUBG" and other Battle Royal shooters: For example, players who have died are not automatically out of the game, but can fight their way back into the game from the "Gulag" or be revived by their squad. There is also a new mode that is all about looting. Call of Duty - Warzone is free to download and play.

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Fortnite - Battle Royale

In the Battle Royale mode of the online multiplayer shooter "Fortnite" you compete against a hundred other players on a huge map to survive. The aim of each round is to be the last player or team left. At the beginning of the game, you and all the other players jump out of a flying bus at a dizzy height and steer towards any point on the map. With a paraglider you land gently on the ground or on the roof of a house and try to find new weapons and equipment such as potions or bandages as quickly as possible. With a rich arsenal of close-range and long-range weapons, you can defend yourself against other people. Building your own small bases and traps is of particular importance. Erected protective walls, for example, enable you to target enemies from behind cover. It should be noted that the surroundings and the buildings created can be destroyed and therefore one should not feel too safe behind walls. At regular intervals a "storm" draws in, which repeatedly reduces the size of the playable area. Players who are outside the marked area receive a permanent reduction in their life points. In this way, sooner or later all participants will face duels.

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In the online shooter "Counter-Strike - Global Offensive" you engage in tactical battles with other players. The fighting takes place between two teams acting on one side as terrorists and on the other as an anti-terrorist unit. In various game modes such as bomb disposal, deathmatch, destruction or the battle royale mode "danger zone", you can put your team play and your skills to the test with the extensive arsenal of weapons. In addition to assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns and sniper rifles, equip yourself with grenades and a combat knife at the beginning of a round. With additional equipment such as a Kevlar vest or a helmet, you can protect the health of your character from enemy fire. "CS: GO" has a ranking system in which you can move up after completing matches and compete with new players. Use a ranking list to compare your playful successes with those of other participants.

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Command & Conquer - Renegade X

In the first-person shooter "Command & Conquer: Renegade X - Black Dawn" you fight as Nick "Havoc" Parker against the "Black Hand". The task is to infiltrate the NOD base and free the captured scientists. Every now and then, friends from other parts of "Command & Conquer" will be at your side to support you in this endeavor. To achieve your goal, for example, get into mammoth tanks, defend the artillery against enemies or raise air defense positions. Some buildings, units and weapons are originally taken from the "Command & Conquer" series. The frame story is told in short cutscenes.

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Heroes & Generals

In the MMO shooter "Heroes & Generals" you fight alongside different nations in World War II for the triumph of your chosen faction. In various careers as general, fighter pilot, parachutist, infantryman, scout or tank driver, you give strategic and tactical commands. These have consequences for your team and can decide between victory and defeat. With the experience gained, you will receive additional equipment and new skills that will be of use to you in the next few assignments. Realistic weapons and vehicles such as the M1A1 Thompson submachine gun, the Yak 9B fighter or the German "Panther" tank are available. To survive in battle, you form alliances with other troops and go into battle together.

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Apex Legends

In the battle royale shooter "Apex Legends" you compete online in a squad with two friendly players against other teams. The free-to-play game offers tactical components such as marking weapons, ammunition or waypoints for your team members. Fallen allies can be revived or called back to the battlefield via a respawn transmitter. In "Apex Legends" you have different characters to choose from, each with their own skills. For example, you can briefly make enemies and traps visible, send out a drone to heal your team, or place a zip line for faster movement.

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Quake champions

In the arena shooter "Quake Champions" you compete as one of 14 champions, alone or as a team, against other players online. You can choose from well-known characters from "Quake", "Quake 3 Arena", "Doom" and "Wolfenstein". In addition to individual attributes, each character has an active and passive ability. For example, the marine "Ranger" teleports quickly forward with an orb, while the clone warrior "Visor" spies enemy players through walls for a short time. The extensive arsenal consists of the Rocket Launcher, the Lightning Gun, the Railgun and other deadly devices with which you can target your opponents in the crosshairs. The game modes include the classic deathmatch, team deathmatch, duel and sacrifice mode, a combination of the variants "Capture the Flag" and "Domination".

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Dirty bomb

In the first person shooter "Dirty Bomb" you compete as a mercenary quartet in the destroyed streets of London against other teams in order to loot the riches scattered in the ruins. Initially you put together a troop of three other Mercs with different equipment and characteristics. The aim is to meet requirements, such as blowing up an enemy train or defending as many attacks as possible within a certain time. Which team gets the furthest receives a prize.

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The multiplayer shooter "Paladins" comes up with colorful fantasy graphics, ancient technologies and fast-paced action. Put the opposing team out of action with one of 20 champions by defeating them on one of the numerous maps. Use firearms, grenades and special skills to do this. In the course of the game, you expand your character's basic repertoire of skills and optimize them in order to develop your own style of play. You reinvest the experience points you have gained in combat in your hero.

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No More Room in Hell

In the survival horror shooter "No More Room in Hell" you fight for survival online in a post-apocalyptic zombie scenario. As a survivor, you compete against the creatures on many maps. In survival mode, the infected attack your shelter in waves. Use the weapons and ammunition available to repel the attacks until an ambulance appears. To ward off the zombie invasion, there are numerous weapons available for close-range and long-range combat, such as knives, baseball bats, axes, chainsaws, various pistols, rifles, shotguns. Should you get injured, bandages and first aid kits will help heal your wounds.

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"Warface" is a free-to-play shooter from the "Crysis" developer Crytek. The graphics are accordingly successful. In the game you usually act in teams, supply your comrades with ammunition or act as a robber ladder. Of course there is a considerable selection of weapons in the game, which can even be equipped with accessories. The gameplay tries to be realistic: even the best sniper does not have an absolutely steady hand.

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After the end of the civilized world, the shooter "Survarium" confronts you with the task of hoarding food and equipment and defending it against other survivors. In teams, you will fight exciting battles and complete missions. You will receive experience points as well as upgrades on weapons and equipment. In addition to the online players, the opponents include the mutated animal world. The environment is designed apocalyptically: nature is reclaiming areas that were once cities, streets and industrial halls.

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Crysis wreckage

In "Crysis Wreckage" you are on a lonely island in the Pacific. But you are not alone: ​​with the US Army you are recovering an unknown object that is obviously of extraterrestrial origin. But the Korean army has also heard of the find and is now also trying to get at the relic. Your task is to work with your troops to ensure that the enemy does not get to the strange find. "Wreckage" is a free modification of "Crysis" that the main game does not require!

»Download: Download Crysis Wreckage

Renegade X

"Renegade X" takes the gameplay and setting from "Command & Conquer" and turns it into a multiplayer tactical shooter. In teams you play either for the allied "Global Defense Initiative" or for the terror network "Brotherhood of Nod". They create infrastructure and military units with which to go into battle. For example, you can drive armored vehicles with cannon guns towards enemy lines, fly a helicopter or set off as an infantryman. You have the choice between first person and shoulder perspective.

»Download: Download Renegade X.

GoldenEye - Source

In "GoldenEye - Source" you compete against other players online in the Bond universe. The modification is based on the classic film of the same name. You fight for survival in (team) deathmatch or show your skills in the capture-the-flag variant "Living Daylights". The "Live and Let Die" mode lets you slip into the shoes of the villain Baron Samedi, where you fight against a host of Bond duplicates. The matches take place on different maps, including a library, a train and a research facility. A selection of well-known weapons such as hunting knives, pistols, machine guns and rocket launchers complete the game.

»Download: Download GoldenEye - Source

Black Mesa

With "Black Mesa", the classic baller game "Half-Life" and hero Gordon Freeman are back on the home PC. In contrast to the original from 1998, the "Half-Life 2" -mod offers you not only a contemporary look but also a number of innovations that will inspire even those who know the original.

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PlanetSide 2

In "PlanetSide 2" you first join one of three selectable empires. In teams, you will develop strategies and determine equipment and key positions in order to fight for the largest possible area in epic mass battles. Combat vehicles, but also the air force, are used here.

»Download: Download PlanetSide 2

America’s Army - Proving Grounds

In "America’s Army - Proving Grounds" you fight as a soldier under the US flag. You compete against other teams in different maneuvers. A collective competes as US infantry against the so-called Opposing Forces. It is important to secure weapons stores, strategically place explosives or hold bases. The gameplay is entirely based on teamwork. Both small battles and battles in larger environments are available as game modes.

»Download: Download America’s Army - Proving Grounds

Alliance of Valiant Arms

In "Alliance of Valiant Arms (AVA)" you fight as a soldier on the side of the EU or the New Russian Federation (NRF). You can choose between the infantryman, scout and sniper classes. Each of the classes has its special equipment as well as strengths and weaknesses. You and your team fight for victory in various locations such as narrow urban canyons, bombed aircraft wrecks or a disused industrial complex. The aim is to inflict heavy losses on the enemy or to escort a tank to a predetermined destination. The arsenal is home to many branches of weapon such as submachine guns, assault rifles and shotguns, as well as grenades and explosive devices.

»Download: Download Alliance of Valiant Arms

FEAR Combat

In the shooter "FEAR Combat" you fight as a soldier in various locations. Twelve different weapons are available to you for the battles that you play in the everyone against everyone mode. The combat areas are distributed over 19 maps. After creating a user account, you have the opportunity to compete online against up to ten other players - also against owners of the "FEAR" full version.

»Download: Download FEAR Combat

Brick force

"Brick-Force" combines the well-known block building game with the principle of a first-person shooter. You play on ready-made maps and take out your opponents alone or in a team with various weapons. You modify the playing field by building bridges or towers and manipulating gravity with gravity generators. So you can jump higher yourself or pull opponents down.

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Urban terror

Just think of "Urban Terror" as "Counter-Strike" with "Quake 3" engine. In addition, there is a portion of realism: If you injure yourself when jumping from too high a height or in a battle, your character's ability to move is restricted. Blood loss makes aiming the weapon more difficult. However, it is possible to treat yourself or others.

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Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory

"Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" is a real classic that can't be killed. Released in 2003, thousands of players still access the multiplayer title on LANs today. There are also servers for shooting on the Internet.

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The multiplayer shooter "Warsow" comes up with colorful comic graphics and fast-paced action. But don't underestimate the title because of its cute looks: "Warsow" is a tough arena shooter in the style of "Quake Live".

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Smokin 'Guns

"Smokin 'Guns" is a Wild West-style first person shooter. In order to recreate the Western atmosphere, maps and objects are adapted to the era. In the game you start out armed with only one Colt. They collect wads of money lying around and buy better weapons and items. Another way to get pistols and rifles: You eliminate opponents and pick up their guns. Available game variants: deathmatch, team deathmatch, duel and bank robbery. All can be started in single player mode against computer-controlled opponents or in multiplayer mode (online).

»Download: Download Smokin 'Guns

Was rock

"War Rock" offers entertaining shooting action in online teams. Different modes are available: In addition to the classic team deathmatch, you can throw yourself into group missions or look for a zombie vaccine. The battles take place in underground bunker systems, bombed cities, military bases and office complexes. You choose between allies and rebels and decide on a class: medic, sniper, technician, infantryman, grenadier.

»Download: Download War Rock

Red Eclipse

The first person shooter "Red Eclipse" promises fast-paced single-player and multiplayer action. You fight your way through winding maps in a team and eliminate opposing players. You receive points ("Frags") for each opponent killed. From the classic capture-the-flag to deathmatch to unusual game variants such as bomberball, there are enough game modes available to you. As a single player, you compete against computer-controlled bots.The game clearly focuses on the multiplayer mode. Among other things, you will work on new maps together in "Edit Mode".

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Modern Combat 5 - Blackout

In the first person shooter "Modern Combat 5 - Blackout" you and your soldiers fight against terrorists who are threatening world peace. They are planning a total blackout of the earth, in which all electronic systems should fail. Your job is to save the world's great cities from hostile takeover. You use a variety of weapons and equipment for this. You choose your role in the team yourself. With each completed mission, your experience points grow and you receive bonuses that you can use to upgrade your game character.

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In the online game "Paintball" you have to mark your opponents with an aimed shot from a paint ball gun. You can engage in exciting battles on different maps. The arsenal includes numerous markers and smoke bombs. The cards offer various options for evading, flanking and attacking.

»Download: Download paintball

Cube 2 - Sauerbraten

In the action-packed game "Cube 2 - Sauerbraten" you fight alone against computer opponents or online with other gamblers. A number of weapons, locations and game modes always present you with new challenges. Supported offline variations include popular formats such as campaigns and deathmatch. The slow motion mode is also available, in which you slow down with less life energy.

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In "Stranded" you slip into the role of a stranded space marshal whose task it is to clean up a spaceship of hostile aliens. For every enemy you finish, you receive experience points that you can invest in new skills such as faster regeneration. You can also buy weapon upgrades and ammunition to increase your arsenal. For example, you can set up automatic turrets that cover individual areas and relieve you of some of the work.

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Gotham City Impostors

In the online game "Gotham City Impostors" you get between the lines of criminals and the vigilante group. The gangsters appear as disguised Joker characters, the good guys as supposed Batman heroes. The aim is to collect as many medals as possible. This is what you get when you successfully complete given challenges and put your competition out of action. You can choose to play in single or multiplayer mode.

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Tribes - Ascend

The multiplayer game "Tribes - Ascend" takes place in a distant universe. You take control of a character with powerful weapons. You choose this from nine available classes before starting the game. In the first person perspective, you go to the battlefield and try to take out the opponents with your teammates.

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Fistful of frags

In "Fistful of Frags" you have to deal with online shootings in Wild West style. The action multiplayer game relies on authentic maps and an arsenal of weapons that was common at the time. With a selection of various pistols, rifles and other equipment such as knuckles, knives and dynamite, you can pave your way through the levels alone or in a team. You will fight the battles in an old sawmill, a wooded area, an old mine, a paddle steamer and a gold rush town.

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PUBG Mobile

"PUBG Mobile" is the mobile implementation of the battle royale game "PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds" for Android smartphones and tablets. The aim of the game is to survive on a huge island with 100 other players as the last participant or with a teammate. To do this, after jumping by parachute, you look for a suitable landing spot and then get on with the procurement of weapons, vehicles and equipment. Lingering in one place is not a good idea because the map shrinks on a regular basis. Thus, the game forces everyone involved to penetrate into the center of the island and face the last remaining opponents.

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Cry of Fear

"Cry of Fear" is a horror shooter for the die-hard. The paraplegic Simon, who has been in a wheelchair since an accident, is addicted to drugs and suffers from depression and panic attacks, is given the task of writing a book about his emotional world by his therapist. In eight chapters, Simon tells a hair-raising story about murder and manslaughter. You walk through the game world from a first-person perspective, your weapon always at the ready. Beware of all sorts of dark figures with bloodied masks and chainsaws or other weapons. At the end of each chapter there is a boss who is just out to kill you.

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Call of Duty - Mobile

With the mobile version of "Call of Duty" you get the first person shooter on your smartphone or tablet. In the Android app, you can access numerous characters and weapons from the game series. To fight the enemy, you use grenades, combat knives, submachine guns, sniper rifles or pistols, among other things. There are also various game modes for maps such as "Crash" and "Crossfire" from "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare" or "Nuketown" and "Hijacked" from "Call of Duty - Black Ops". "Call of Duty - Mobile" offers a "Battle Royal" mode in which you can compete online, alone or in a team, against up to 100 other players.

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Destiny 2

In the free-to-play online shooter "Destiny 2" you compete in multiplayer battles within a fictional science fiction universe. In the role of a guardian, you defend your city against dark legions of aliens. For your game character, choose one of three classes, each of which offers different weapons, equipment and skills and can be customized. The "Titan" is suitable for an offensive style of combat, while the "Warlock" can be used as a support class. Thanks to solo and co-op modes, you can play "Destiny 2" in a variety of ways.

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