Why do cities forbid electric scooters

E-Scooter: These rules apply to electric scooters

E-scooters are already on the road in many cities. But where are the electric scooters allowed to drive, do you need a driver's license and what fines are there if you don't follow the rules? Plus: All models are street legal.

  • E-scooters with road approval / operating license are legal

  • Electric scooters are subject to compulsory insurance

  • Helmet and driving license are not compulsory

E-scooters are electric scooters - agile, small and easy to transport thanks to a folding mechanism. TheRegulation for small electric vehicles regulates the use of these electric scooters. The regulation applies to vehicles with a handlebar or handrail, with a design-related maximum speed of up to 20 km / h and a road approval / operating permit. This means that it affects e-scooters and Segways, but not airwheels, hoverboards or e-skateboards, because none of these vehicles have a pole. It is still unclear whether driving with these will be regulated by an exception ordinance.

Where are electric scooters allowed to drive?

E-scooters are onCycle paths, cycle lanes and in cycle streets allowed. Only if these are missing, it is allowed to evade the road. The little ones are on the sidewalk, in the pedestrian zone and in one-way streets against the direction of travel E-scooters are prohibited. If entry is prohibited (sign 267) on one-way streets, the additional sign "Cyclists free" (signs 1022-10) also applies to small electric vehicles. The use of small electric vehicles on other traffic areas can be permitted with the additional sign “Small electric vehicles free” (§ 10 Paragraph 3 EKfV).

Do you need a driver's license for e-scooters and is there a minimum age?

The driver does not need a moped test certificate or a driver's license. The minimum age for driving an electric scooter (small electric vehicle) is 14 years.

Is a helmet compulsory?

There is no obligation to wear a helmet for electric scooters - but it isrecommendableto protect yourself with a helmet.

Is there an alcohol limit for electric scooters?

Yes, the same applies to electric scooter driversAlcohol limits as for drivers. This means that anyone who drives at 0.5 to 1.09 per thousand and does not show any alcohol-related abnormalities is committing an administrative offense and receiving a fine: as a rule, this is 500 euros, a 1-month driving ban and 2 points in Flensburg.

AOffense exists when the driver is driving the e-scooter despite a blood alcohol concentration of at least 1.1 per thousand. A criminal offense can also be considered to be from 0.3 per mil if the driver shows signs of alcohol-related failure.

Important: ForDrivers under the age of 21 and new drivers in their probationary period 0.0 per mille apply - so you are not allowed to get behind the scooter handlebars under the influence of alcohol.

Which e-scooters are street legal?

There are now numerous street-legal electric scooter models: You can find these in the table.Big differences can already be seen in the purchase price. The expensive models mostly have large pneumatic tires, hydraulic disc brakes and a larger battery with an associated range advantage.

Thepermissible total weight is quite poor with the weakest scooters at 100 kg. Together with the vehicle's own weight, if the driver weighs more than 83 kg, they would already be overloaded.

Here you will find an ADAC test of eight street-legal e-scooter models

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How many people are allowed to ride on an electric scooter?

Electric scooters areonly for one person authorized. This does not change anything even if the two of you did not exceed the permissible total weight.

Do you need insurance for your electric scooter?

Yes oneLiability insurance is mandatory. This is proven by an insurance sticker affixed to the scooter. Liability insurance is liable for damage caused to third parties by the electric scooter. In addition, some insurance companies offer the option of taking out a voluntary partially comprehensive insurance.

For example, with ADAC moped insurance * it costsLiability insurance for e-scooters from 32.90 euros per year (fee for ADAC members).

Who pays in the event of an accident?

If the e-scooter - as prescribed - is equipped with an insurance number, the respective liability insurance covers damage to third parties. The driver must be responsible for his own damage.

Fines for e-scooter sins



When the traffic lights are red

between 60 and 180 euros

Driving on the sidewalk

15 to 30 euros

Driving on the highway

20 Euros

Driving without an insurance license plate

40 euros

Driving a scooter without an operating permit

70 euros

Driving side by side

15 to 30 euros

Can e-scooters be taken on the bus, train or tram?

TheDeutsche Bahn allows you to takefolded electric scooters as hand luggage on their long-distance trains.Non-collapsible electric scooters are considered to be load and can be taken on the train if they are z. B. can be safely housed in luggage racks or shelves between or under the seats.

Different regulations may apply to regional public transport. This is how theMunich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV) to the recommendation ofAssociation of German Transport Companies (VDV): Folded e-scooters can be taken free of charge on buses, trams, underground and suburban trains. On the other hand, e-scooters that are not folded or that cannot be folded are excluded from transport.

Which traffic lights apply to electric scooters?

If there is a bicycle traffic light, this applies. If there are no bicycle traffic lights, the traffic lights must be observed for the flowing traffic.

How do electric scooters have to be equipped?

Brakes and lighting are mandatory. When buying an electric scooter, make sure that the vehicle complies with the current regulation and has a valid operating license.

Here you can read which rules apply to electric scooters in other European countries.

Where can e-scooters be parked?

E-scooters may be parked on the roadside, on the sidewalk and, if pedestrian zones have been released for e-scooters, also in pedestrian zones. However, this must be done in such a way that pedestrians and wheelchair users are not hindered or endangered.

Can you also drive the e-scooter in winter?

Rain, snow, black ice: Anyone who is out and about with an e-scooter in winter must be particularly careful. Because then the risk of an accident is greater. With our tips you will still reach your goal safely:

  • Preselect drive lower and accelerate carefully

  • Controlled braking: Shift your weight backwards and make sure you are standing firmly

  • On uneven ground: bend your knees + stand leg back, step leg forward

  • If in doubt, prefer to dismount

  • Avoid manhole covers, flagstones and cobblestones

  • Wear a helmet and shoes with non-slip soles

You can read more driving tips and how to brake safely here.

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