What is the history of SolidWorks

SolidWorks - A bit of history and a bit of casino

Today there are two nice links at this point. Both are about SolidWorks, once in an interview with Jon Hirschtick and John McEleney about the history of the company and once about everything that is possible with SolidWorks Simulation. Reseller MB CAD has put a nice video on Youtube showing the animation of a roulette wheel and the ball inside.

The Renee Garrelick Oral History Program is an initiative to record the history of the city of Concords in Massachusettes in interviews. In 2005, initiator Renee Garrelick, who died in 2007, interviewed the first two CEOs of the city's largest employer - Jon Hirschtick and John McEleney from SolidWorks. From today's perspective, too, it is interesting to read about the first few years of today's Dassault Systèmes subsidiary. The interview can be found here. I find Hirschtick's memories of the negotiations with Dassault Systèmes particularly interesting.

SolidWorks Roulette

I am always amazed at how sophisticated simulations are these days - and what crazy demonstration models the creators of the YouTube tutorials come up with. In any case, here is a nice example from MB CAD GmbH from Feldkirchen. The motion simulation within SolidWorks is shown here - with the help of the Motion and Event Based Motion modules - using the example of the ball in a roulette wheel. Really worth seeing because you can clearly see which boundary conditions are necessary to create such a photo-realistic simulation. Have fun!