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Bundeswehr recruitment test failed: you have to know that

The Bundeswehr is an absolute top employer in Germany. However, there is at least one small catch, because not every applicant is accepted just like that. Instead, you first have to go through a recruitment test, which can definitely be described as a real challenge. The failure rate is not exactly low, as several questions from different areas have to be answered here. But what actually happens if that doesn't work and you fail the Bundeswehr recruitment test? Can you repeat the recruitment test with the Bundeswehr or has the dream of the federal government broken? We clarify in the following!

Why is a recruitment test being carried out?

The Bundeswehr receives a large number of applications every year. Of course, not all applicants can actually start their careers at the federal government. In order to filter out the best, a recruitment test was launched. This consists of various tasks, for example in the area of ​​mathematics, German or general knowledge. The Bundeswehr would like to make sure that you have “something on the box” before you can start your service and strengthen the force. In addition to the recruitment test in the Bundeswehr selection process, there are other hurdles on the plan. For example, you have to provide evidence of physical activity in the form of a sports test, at the same time you have to take part in a medical examination in which your body is examined for health problems.

If you would like to learn more about the recruitment test, you can browse our various articles on the subject. Alternatively, you can of course find additional information on the Bundeswehr website.

Aptitude test failed: what now?

In order to pass the Bundeswehr recruitment test, you have to convince in every single exam in the recruitment test. It is obvious that this is not exactly easy. So if you actually fail the recruitment test, that's no real shame and you don't have to be ashamed of this performance. However, it is actually the case that you first have to put your plans for a career at the federal government on hold. Pretty much exactly you have to wait a yearbefore you can try again. The question: “Can you repeat the recruitment test in the Bundeswehr?” Can therefore be answered with “Yes”. However, only after a certain waiting period. At this point the important note that you have to be convincing in every single task. If you do not succeed, you will be eliminated from the selection process immediately and will have to leave.

There is no re-examination or the like in the recruitment test. If you fail, you have no choice but to wait and try again in a year.

Reasons: That's why applicants fail the recruitment test

There are several reasons why so many applicants fail in the Bundeswehr recruitment test. On the one hand, you should keep in mind that the day will probably not leave you cold. It's about your professional future and whether you will actually get your dream job at the federal government - or not. In this respect, you will with a high probability of a certain nervousness to be accompanied. This is completely normal, but should not gain the upper hand. Otherwise, even the simplest of tasks can cause you enormous problems and make unnecessary mistakes. At the same time, one of the reasons for failing the recruitment test is the lack of concentration. The test takes several hours and you have to be focused and careful the entire time. If you don't, you may be reading an assignment incorrectly or not coming to a logical conclusion. These are also mistakes that are actually easy to get rid of. A third reason for failing the Bundeswehr recruitment test is poor preparation. You should practice intensively for the test and gather as much information as possible in advance. The better prepared you are, the fewer problems you will have.

Prepare for the recruitment test: Avoid failing

Ideally, you will prepare for the recruitment test in such a way that you can master it right away. If you fail, this should make you wise. In plain language: Before you start another attempt a year later, you should optimize the preparation and prepare yourself even more intensively for the exams. To do this, you can complete various test tasks online that will familiarize you with the requirements of the recruitment test. Obtaining information is even more important. And that in several areas. You should take a look at the spelling and grammar rules, check your background knowledge of the armed forces and of course take another look at the basic mathematical arithmetic operations. Our additional tip: start preparing early enough. In this way you make sure that you can clear up the uncertainties before the big exam day.

Conclusion: Failing the aptitude test is not a shame

If you fail the recruitment test, that's no shame. Again and again, applicants in the Bundeswehr fail at this point because the requirements cannot be met simply in passing. If you fail, you have to wait a whole year before you can start another attempt. In order to avoid this unnecessary waiting time, you should prepare yourself well for your first attempt and make sure that you do not have to worry about a second appointment.