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A team that is on the road for you.

Status: 06/10/2013

The BürgerForum wants to be current. That is why we are on the move for you to get the opinion of the citizens in all government districts.

Margot Waltenberger-Walte, editor-in-chief

Margot Waltenberger-Walte, editor-in-chief

What topic are people interested in? Ten days before the broadcast date, it is determined where and what should be discussed. The editorial manager Margot Waltenberger-Walte is supported by editorial staff.

Tilmann Schöberl, moderator

Tilmann Schöberl, presenter of the show

Tilmann Schöberl not only moderates the BürgerForum live, but also the face of Jetzt red i and Jetzt red i, Europe. A professional is a matter of public opinion.

Thomas Hock, production manager

He is responsible for the production area and takes care of project planning, organization and monitoring of work processes. Thomas Hock is the link between editorial and production.