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Potsdam - German quiz championship: did you know?

Concentration makes a very specific sound. It consists of scratching pens on paper, sighing softly, and the occasional sigh of relief. This Sunday morning sounds like concentration: 185 participants from all over the republic compete in the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in quizzes: The official German championship is played. The organizer is the German Quiz Association. Its chairman Sebastian Klußmann can look back on the fully booked hall with pride. “The association is growing continuously; A few years ago we only played with a few dozen people. ”Those days are over; The organizers have long since had to reject registrations.

Claudia Mucha from Potsdam is there for the first time. The 30-year-old psychologist stumbled into a pub quiz by chance while on a business trip - this guessing game variant is played in groups in a relaxed atmosphere. “A friend persuaded me to register for the championship,” says Mucha.

150 questions have to be answered in 90 minutes

Stephan Kirmse from Brandenburg, on the other hand, is an old hand at knowing better. For more than a year he has been participating in the quiz club's monthly individual competitions. There 100 questions have to be answered within an hour. In the championship there are 150 questions in two 45-minute blocks. It's about history and science, lifestyle, sports; The players have to face a total of ten categories. "That is a challenge," says Stephan Kirmse, "but fortunately I read very quickly and can therefore go through the questionnaires several times."

Did you know?

Original questions from the quiz championship:

Camorra is the name for organized criminal family clans in which Italian city is the capital of Campania?

Excalibur or Caliburn is the name of the sword of which mythical king?

What title in two words that means "Dragon King" is the title of King of Bhutan?

Nicky Byrne, Kian Egan, Mark Freehily, Shane Filan and Brian McFadden were the members of which boy band?

Kaya Yanar became known through which Sat.1 comedy show, which was broadcast from 2001 to 2005?

Which national team from Central America will take part in a soccer World Cup for the first time in 2018?

You can find the solutions below.

Claudia Mucha also has respect for the questions. “But since I'm mainly here for fun, I'm not under so much pressure,” she says. The professional quizzers present cannot complain about a lack of pressure. Holger Waldenberger, for example, who has won eight of the last ten monthly comparative competitions, or Sebastian Jacoby, who acts as the terror of the candidates on the ARD quiz show “Asked, Hunted”. Stephan Kirmse, the participant from Brandenburg / Havel, finds the numerous TV quiz celebrities who have traveled to be interesting. "Of course this is also an incentive to take a closer look at them, but a comparison of our services is unnecessary."

Sebastian Jacoby “Der Quizgott” (l.) And Sebastian Klussmann “The know-it-all” from the ARD program “Asked - chased” at the German Quiz Championships in Potsdam. Source: Detlev Scheerbarth

After the 90 minutes of the quiz, Claudia Mucha and Stephan Kirmse are done, but satisfied. “I am annoyed by a really stupid mistake,” says Claudia Mucha. The EU's new data protection directive, the GDPR, was queried. But Mucha installs a letter turner, the answer doesn't count. In the end she reached 176th place, Kirmse came in 156th. In the top quizzers, Holger Waldenberger made the race with 116 out of 150 possible points.

In addition, Potsdam acted as the German venue for the official quiz world championship, which is played decentrally with several thousand quizzers. Klußmann likes the thought of how the quizzes connect. "There are quizzers here from all over Germany," he says, "and people in more than 40 countries are playing the World Cup at the same time as us, that's fascinating!"

Resolution quiz questions

Solutions: Naples, Artus, Druk Galpo, Westlife, What are you looking at?!, Panama

By Saskia Kirf