What are your unpopular opinions of Jackson Wang

Will you?

PoV Jinyoung

"Aah! I'm so frustrated," I heard Jackson wail while I was sipping the straw from my caramel macchiato. We sat in a small, unpopular coffee shop near our entertainment and enjoyed a short break from everyday life when he started talking about his appointments.

"How so?" I asked calmly and looked at him.

"Because I can't get anywhere. I should have been working on my album for a long time, but I run after one appointment after the other ... and I hardly have any time for us either. That burdens me." I choked on his remark and felt my cheeks flush as I laughed wrongly.

"We'll see you now ... and it doesn't matter if we can't see each other so often ..." towards the end I became quieter and quieter because I realized how wrong that sounded.

"Not bad? This is the first time we've met again in weeks! Of course that's bad!" dismayed, he gave me a stern look before continuing.

"I'm hardly in the country and you are currently working on your drama. I don't want us to see each other for a coffee every 3 months and lose sight of each other like that!"

"Now you're dramatizing it, Sseun-ah. We won't lose sight of each other. How often do I call you during the week?" I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms over my chest. Immediately his hot temper subsided again and he looked at me with his typical dog eyes while he answered me.

"Often ..." he mumbled against the table and clasped his cup in both hands. I didn't want to admit it, but he looked incredibly cute at the moment.

"Well, you see. So we won't lose sight of each other-"

"Still! I don't know how you are at the moment ... what concerns you or what makes you happy ... I want to know how you are really doing," he interrupted me and got a little louder again. Amazed at its directness, my eyes widened briefly and I felt my cheeks feel a little warmer.

"II always tell you how I feel ..."

"Jinyoungie ~ Come on ... tell your Wanggae how are you?" like a teenager he shifted around in his chair and looked at me with expectant eyes as I sighed deeply and hung my head.

"Well ... what if you stop asking?" immediately he nodded.

"To be honest, I'm having a bit of trouble on the set right now ... there's a scene that ... well ... I can't get on with it? I shot it with my partner yesterday for half a morning Or at least tried but I can't get it "The more I talked about it, the more color my face took on and Jackson's puzzled look only made it worse. "What kind of scene?" he asked as curious as he was.

"E-a kissing scene ... one of many. But I've never done that before ... A-well in front of the camera!" when I saw his puzzled look I corrected myself immediately and waved my hands embarrassingly to dismiss his thoughts again.

"Our director always says I'm too stiff ... but whatever I do it doesn't get better and that annoys me", I sighed depressed, closed my eyes for a moment before grabbing my drink and sipping it.

"Mmm ... I see." He rubbed his chin thoughtfully while his gaze slid over me once.

"You need practice. That's what you lack. You keep practicing all the other scenes tirelessly until they are perfect ... I don't think that you did the same with that one" his remark made me look up again, I saw ashamed wide-eyed at him before turning my head to one side.