Why is Denver growing so fast

Denver 2021

Statista Global Business Cities Report

The report evaluates economically relevant cities from around the world based on the most relevant data for decisions at company level. The Colorado capital has four major sports teams and major museums such as the Denver Art Museum. In 2020, the city in the American Midwest had 2.8 million inhabitants and a population growth of 11.1% is expected by 2030. Denver is growing faster than the North American average.

What's included
  • Ranking of the 200 economically most important cities
  • Comprehensive city overview
  • Wide range of topics (from business to quality of life)

Notes: The report is only available in English. The content can vary between individual reports.


  • Overall ranking
  • Overview of city & country
  • society
  • Population & Education
  • Standard of living
  • Institutional framework
  • economy
  • Economic conditions
  • Business environment
  • Real estate
  • Infrastructure
  • Exchange of information
  • Transport & logistics
  • Social infrastructure
  • charisma
  • tourism
  • Culture
  • environment
  • appendix


    • Results overall index
    • Ranking table
    • Overview of the country
    • City profile / key figures
    • Airport information

    • Index society
    • Population development
    • Average years of education
    • Cost of living, Gini coefficient and unemployment rate
    • Life expectancy
    • Institutional framework

    • Index economy
    • Influence of COVID-19 on GDP development
    • GDP per capita for selected cities in the region
    • GDP per capita and population growth
    • Time needed to set up a business in this country, time needed to export and import
    • Companies with the highest sales with corporate headquarters in the city
    • Companies with the highest total assets with corporate headquarters in the city
    • Presence of international hotel chains
    • Presence of international restaurant chains