What is the meaning of moderation?

moderation, the

Mastery of one's own desires, urges and emotions, restraint in expressions of feeling, demands, reactions, etc.


with adjective attribute: enlightened, clever, wise moderation; linguistic, verbal moderation

as accusative object: impose moderation; Admonish, recommend, vow, preach, uphold moderation

in prepositional group / object: call for moderation, admonish, admonish, advise; to encourage or encourage sb. to moderate

in coordination: prudence, celibacy, reason, restraint and moderation

Has prepositional group / object: a moderation in wage demands, in tone, in dealing with sth.

as a genitive attribute: the commandment, the virtue of moderation


For him the whole year was a culinary festival, even if he occasionally imposed moderation on himself for a day or two in order to be able to eat all the more pleasurably. [Süddeutsche Zeitung, December 24, 2018]

In the two television debates of the top candidates, who threw the wildest accusations at each other and mostly all talked at the same time, I [...], to everyone's surprise, gave the level-headed statesman who repeatedly asked for moderation. [Die Welt, April 27, 2019]

Aristotle [...] considers excessiveness to be dangerous. He advocates a life according to the right mean or the right measure. Intemperance brings brief enjoyment, but then numerous ailments. In all five major world religions, moderation, modesty and frugality play a major role. [Süddeutsche Zeitung, December 20, 2018]

If she continues to drink at that rate, she will be ready in an hour, he thought, but could not make up his mind to intervene, to warn to moderate, possibly to cloud her mood. [Reimann, Brigitte: Franziska Linkerhand, Berlin: Neues Leben 1974, p . 358]

In particular, I assure you that the government will impose the utmost thrift and moderation in its spending. [Archiv der Gegenwart, 2001 [1963]]

There is no time for fact checks, […] moderation or attempts to comprehend. [Views of a complainer, 01/13/2015, accessed on 04/28/2016] unusual. Pl.