Sexual orientation really comes from birth

The sexual orientation

The sexual orientation that is expressed in adolescence and adulthood includes the sexual desires and inclinations with regard to the sex of the sexual partner. It can manifest itself in the form of predominantly heterosexuality, homosexuality and / or bisexuality. The sexual orientation is to be located on a continuum, with an exclusive homosexuality or exclusive heterosexuality representing the respective poles of a continuum.

Developing one's sexuality is an integral part of growing up.

The assignment to a sexual orientation is by no means always final, although it usually takes place in late adolescence or early adulthood. However, there are clear indications that homosexuality is structured long before puberty.

Attitudes towards homosexuality are different in different cultures and societies. If one's own sexual orientation does not correspond to the predominantly heterosexual expression, it can sometimes lead to massive conflicts in its development. Homosexual and bisexual as well as intersex or transsexual people have to do a lot more «identity work» than heterosexual people when developing their own sexual identity. You live in an environment that has developed typical role models and is characterized by heterosexual norms. At the same time, they often have to deal with discrimination and hostility, which can result in psychological stress. Although the living situation of people with different sexual orientations and gender identities in Germany has improved in recent years, people with homosexual or bisexual orientations are discriminated more often than average in public and in areas of leisure, but also in training or at work.

In order to protect people with different sexual orientations and gender identities from psychological stress, it would be fundamentally desirable to make the diversity of sexual orientation and gender identities more visible and, above all, more natural.