What is the best hospital in america

Ranking of "Newsweek" : Charité is the fifth best hospital in the world

The weekly magazine "Newsweek" and the data portal "Statista" have named the Berlin Charité the fifth best hospital in the world in an international ranking. First place went to the Mayo Clinic from the US state of Minnesota. The Cleveland Clinic followed in second place and the Singapore General Hospital in third place.

The listed hospitals are leaders in patient care and in adapting to the challenges of the present, writes the magazine. The Charité employed about "more than half of the German Nobel Prize winners for physiology or medicine". The Charité Nobel Prize winners, however, are far behind: they were all honored for work from before 1933.

The international reputation of the clinics was decisive for the global placement. In an online survey, doctors, medical staff and hospital managers made recommendations for placement. The performance of a hospital was then based on the votes from abroad. Experience has shown that large, traditional houses whose names are actually known all over the world benefit from such a voting.

At the forefront in Germany

One clinic each in Japan, Israel, Canada and Switzerland also made it into the top ten. Only hospitals with a capacity of at least 100 beds were available for selection. A total of clinics and experts from eleven nations were taken into account for the evaluation. Criteria for the selection of the eleven countries included life expectancy, population size, number of hospitals and the available data on health care.

At the same time, "Newsweek" also published a ranking of the clinics according to nationality. In addition to the results of the surveys, statistics on patient satisfaction and data on the quality of the hospitals - for example in terms of hygiene or treatment - were included. Within Germany, the Charité took first place ahead of the Heidelberg University Hospital and the University of Munich Hospital.

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