What font does WhatsApp use

Set new WhatsApp font - that's how it works

Only recently came bold, italic and strikethrough - now there's a new font. But it's pretty hidden. Be the first in your chat group who knows how it's done :)

Even if you have your WhatsApp chat printed, you can choose between different fonts

It's called FixedSys, by the way - and works with the latest WhatsApp version on Android and iOS. In theory, it's very simple: to use the new font, all you have to do is enter ““ (three times the grave accent) directly before and after the text you want to write in the new font. For example: ““ Hi. How's it going?""
Unfortunately, it is not that easy in practice! You have to find this sign first! This is still possible with Android. But for iOS you have to hold down the apostrophe key longer until, among other things, the grave accent is displayed in a pop-up.

Here we will also show you how to write italics, bold or major strokes.

If you have your WhatsApp chat printed at zapptales, you can also choose between many different fonts for your chat and your cover!

Have fun trying out the new WhatsApp font :)

Your zappen team