How inventors invent

Willi wants to know: How do inventors invent?

Much that is taken for granted today did not exist in the past. The car, the tea bag or the Velcro, for example. All of this had to be invented by resourceful inventors. But how does it actually work, inventing? Willi learns about groundbreaking inventions, visits the patent office and the German Museum in Munich, meets today's inventors and finally invents something himself that you can have a lot of fun with.

Learning goals:

Relation to curricula and educational standards

The students
  • develop curiosity about technical relationships and natural phenomena as well as the willingness to acquire technical knowledge;
  • recognize the achievements of inventors and their relevance for their own living environment today;
  • understand that civilization and culture are not possible without inventions;
  • discover their own creativity with regard to new technical possibilities.

DVD features:

16: 9, stereo; DVD part: 1 film, 3 chapter selection items, 1 menu; DVD-ROM part: 2 PDF worksheets, 2 Word worksheets, 1 use in class, 1 booklet


Media type: DVD-Video

Recommended addressees: Grammar school 2.-4. class

Production year: 2010

FSK / USK note: teaching program

Public viewing rights: Yes

Language: German

Running time: 25 min f