How do i get views on wattpad

Wattpad algorithm

Halli-hello my dears,

Today I have something for you that could possibly get you more reads (readers) and a higher ranking (position on a list) or how you can help your favorite authors to make their book more popular!

Wattpad uses an algorithm that determines which books appear on which lists. Who knows how to use it, can use this knowledge to improve the rank of a book. I have summarized the most important information for you below:

1. Update regularly: The optimal length of time until the next update should be four days - a week do not exceed. If the update takes place later, the book automatically falls in the ranking and thus it becomes more difficult to find it.
2. It is useful a work in a less popular one categoryclassify, because then it has better chances higher ranking to achieve, with which a generally better ranking can be achieved.
Equally important are:
3. the number of times your work per day to a Library / reading list was added.
4. How often the work in one day was liked - yes, that's right, not all of the likes decide your rank, but those that you get in one day. This also explains why books with fewer likes still make it onto the 'Recommended' list.
5. the number of Readers and commentswho have favourited a story on a dayg has received.
All of this leads to an improved ranking position, which ideally leads to more readers and likes, but there is more about this in the next chapter. :) Until then,

your lemon: *

Edit: In the meantime, the algorithm has become even more sophisticated and some of this chapter has lost its validity. However, the methods presented here still have an immense influence on your ranking!

For the new algorithm and the other innovations, see the chapter: How do I confuse the algorithm ❤️