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In the onlineMarketerKreis, OVK for short, is a body that is part of the German onlineMarketers is. The committee consists of 19 of the largest onlineMarketer Germany. Its main task is to attract more attention to digital advertising.

The onlineMarketerKreis (OVK) is the central body of the German onlineMarketer. Here, under the umbrella of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e. V. 21 of the largest German onlineMarketer joined forces to continually emphasize the importance of online advertising.

Marketer of advertising on the radio
For advertising on the radio, it is advisable to get an overview of the cost structure of the various stations and broadcast times. Radio advertising is always billed at CPM, i.e. the 1,000-contact price.

Has the initial marketing right for advertising space that he offers on behalf of publishers.
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Advertising~ such as Google DoubleClick, Facebook, Ad Pepper, TradeDoubler, Ligatus and many more act as intermediaries between advertisers and publishers: Cooperating website operators provide advertising space, ...

movie theater~
Agency that advises customers and places cinema advertising at original prices through the respective advertising administration in the desired cinemas.
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Why ~n Your marketing technology stack is important
Marketing technologies are developing rapidly and hundreds of different software technologies are spread across an ever-increasing number of categories.

Second~ (Secondary marketer)
Popular marketing approach in online business: If an advertising space is from the very beginning~ not sold, another supplier takes over the inventory for marketing.
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~ must take into account the life cycle of the product. For example, the earliest version of the iPod had a battery life issue that only became noticeable after a certain amount of time. Apple had to devise ways to overcome this problem.
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A ~ is a service provider that provides advertisers with advertising space from an Internet portal, newspaper or television station.
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If ~ Choosing the CPV depends on several factors: Online advertising campaigns can only be checked for their effectiveness with regard to the previously formulated goals.

The ~ In 2011, Burda Community Network used eye tracking to examine the advertising effect of print advertorials. Among other things, the study ascertained the perception of advertisements on the basis of the AET model (Attract - Elaborate - Transfer):
The AET model explained schematically. (Image: Burda Community Network) ...

Article about David Crystal and semantic targeting on zeit.de
Interview with David Crystal about semantic targeting on faz.net
Interview with David Crystal about semantic targeting on wuv.de ...

Lots ~ and entrepreneurs specifically look for a suitable niche and develop a complete marketing strategy for it in order to generate high-quality traffic. In this case, it's like starting a business from scratch.

On-line-~ have always strived to make the lives of their advertisers through the creation of standards.

The online~Kreis (OVK) forecasts an increase in the online advertising market of 19% and thus to over five billion euros for 2010.
Especially in the area of ​​display advertising, the OKV sees the increase in gross advertising money from EUR 2.3 billion in 2009 to EUR 2.9 billion (23%) in 2010.

When online~Kreis is an amalgamation of German online~. Under the umbrella of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e. V. have 21 major German online~ united in a central body. The importance of online advertising should be given more weight.

of ~s from this website). This web server recognizes the call of a certain website by a user, checks which of the booked advertising campaigns would fit due to the targeting, plays the banner and counts this impression.

Google AdvertisingWith this "Google training" you can pay per click~ or agency for the marketing of Adwords campaigns obtain the qualification of "Google Advertising Professional" granted by Google.

The requirements for ~ regional media have changed radically. The drivers of the necessary rethinking are digitization and the resulting changes in media use: Whereas the sales targets of advertising customers used to be the focus, today the content clearly dominates.

Content~ want to increase customer loyalty and influence decisions by providing useful, entertaining or educational media content. A famous example of content marketing is the Michelin Guide, first published by the tire manufacturer Michelin in 1900.

The term double opt-in was used by Internet~n was created in the late 90s to differentiate between a simple entry and actual interest by expressly confirming his email address.

Alignment to the ~
The second method of frequency capping focuses on that ~. The number of advertisements per user per advertising network must be set.

Through instant messaging, Skype, blog, community and social networks, the ~ use real-time communication between groups and individuals. Mobile messaging applications like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have become a central part of many consumers' lives.

This process is supported by ~n or Ad Networks, which act as commercial agents for both sides. You have a large range of publisher websites and can thus optimally distribute the advertising inventory.

~ have tried to steer customers in clearly defined paths so that they behave in a predictable manner during the buying process. That has changed - buyers can no longer be forced to follow these linear paths.

Google Tag Manager is a solution that allows ~ Manage website tags via one interface. The Tag Manager tool itself (which implements the tags) is a cookie-free domain and does not collect any personal data.

In a digital world that is dominated by data and facts, it is the manager's job and ~s to mediate between technologies and people.

Despite the economic crisis, advertising spending is growing, according to the online~Kreis (OVK) in the area of ​​online advertising steadily. This year, growth of 10 percent is expected. Last year the growth was 25 percent.

Everyone can use the DSP ~ and agencies whose campaign properties (target group, advertising format, price, etc.) match the user and the free advertising space and submit their bids to the SSP.

Another group of companies achieved the same result by having them all ~ empower your organization to choose your own tools and license them as operating expenses.

AGOF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Onlineforschung e.V.) is the amalgamation of many well-known online~. The association has been publishing the "Internet Facts" study on a quarterly basis since autumn 2005, which is currently the most important planning basis on the German Internet.

Identify online~ the user's browser, can determine which web page he is coming from, which pages of the offer he is using for how long, which search engine he has fed with which search criteria, and ultimately it can also be determined ...

Ad exchanges ("online advertising exchanges") open up to publishers ~n and Ad Networks create a (further) marketing channel and thus enable advertisers to access the aggregated inventory of several providers.

Advice everyone ~ should heed
That makes perfect sense, because search engines and social networks are constantly changing their algorithms and we are ~ have to react quickly.
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The European Interactive Advertising Association is the industry association for pan-European online~. The main goal of the organization is to promote the European online advertising market. With a focus on highly developed media research projects, the EIAA currently publishes, among other things,

The Online Research Working Group - AGOF for short - is an association of leading online~ in Germany.

It is counted here how often the clients of the user an advertising medium from the ad server ~s retrieved (redirect procedure). The ad server or the ad server software decides each time which advertising material is displayed to which website visitor.

With this model, the ~ for every viewing that is counted by a user on the publisher's platform when the advertising medium is called up.

The AGOF is the online research working group. This includes many online~that pursue the goal of measuring and reporting the reach of online offers that are financed by advertising.
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A study by the ARD~s AS&S came to the conclusion that 15 percent of Germans consume podcasts every week and around 90 percent actually finish them. Transferred to the blogcast, the chances are therefore good that your content will be more "heard".

RoC (Run of Channel) means that a campaign in rotation in a selected topic channel of a ~s is switched.
A RoN (Run of Network) campaign runs in rotation in an advertising network ~s.

Not glossy brochures and star salesmen, but enthusiastic fans, committed advocates and credible multipliers are the best ~. You have the greatest power of persuasion - and the least wastage. Fans make a brand a cult.

The term TKP is often used by sponsors of homepages. Example: a ~ of pop-ups offers 5 euros per CPM. This means that 5 euros are paid out for 1000 pop-ups.
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Publisher networks are ~ multiple websites. You can control online advertising on the websites of the entire network or on a selection of them.
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Search Engine Marketing (SEM - Search Engine Marketing) deals with the placement of advertisements and advertising in the search engines. About the three ~Google AdWords, MSN Search and Yahoo Search Marketing are placed in all relevant search engines in German-speaking countries.

The audio effects study "ROI rocket radio", which was carried out by the ~n AS&S Radio and RMS was commissioned from the Nielsen Company.
The benefits of radio advertising have actually been known to marketers for a long time.

The problem consists, among other things, in the involvement of many different parties - advertising companies, publishers, ~ as well as media and creative agencies.

In order to give scammers as few chances as possible in the first place, you should definitely rely on trustworthy ones ~ put. This is usually associated with higher advertising costs, but your ads are also better protected against ad fraud.

Purchasing platform that stores the display inventory of various publishers and ~ bundles.
Measures the retrieval of a browser from the ad server.

Advertising banners can also only be expressly approved by AMP ~n can be included.
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the path of a user to the desired action (conversion) is particularly relevant for manufacturers and producers and should therefore not be restricted to the respective ~n be left.

In addition, users can use ad blockers to prevent advertisements from being displayed to them on websites. According to a recent investigation of the online ~ Kreis (OVK), the average ad blocker rate is already 23.4 percent.
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Affiliate marketing
Display advertising
Email Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Conversion optimization & usability
Social media
Web analysis & business intelligence
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ePrivacyseal (for online and mobile offers)
EDAA-OBA certification (for online behavioral advertising (OBA))
ePrivacyApp (certification of apps)
DTSG UK Brand Safety (for agencies, publishers and ~) ...

Channel Sales is a method of classifying and deploying your sales force into groups that focus on different sales channels such as in-house salespeople, retailers, distributors and direct~ focus.

As me as ~ Always concerned with the question of how to reach my potential customers, I have dedicated myself to these new trends with pleasure. In 2010 I described in my book "Twitter for Managers" how the 140 characters can be used in marketing and sales.

These findings emerge from the survey results of a study by the market research company Toluna in 2012. However, the survey results also show: more intelligent control, smarter algorithms and optimized distributions, especially in ~-Networks and vertical networks are necessary.

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