How should western society deal with Incels

Internet scene misogynists: what danger does Incels pose?

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Young straight men who hate women and who use the internet to spread fantasies about violence. Even if their motives are largely known, it is difficult for the officers of the BKA to assess how far they would go.

Mareike Köstermeyer
11/18/2020 | As of November 19, 2020, 6:19 a.m.

Bielefeld. They call themselves Incels. Young straight men who hate and despise women. Incel - that stands for "involontary celibate", which in German means something like "involuntary abstinence". You have never had sex. Many of them have experienced rejection from women. They exchange ideas and radicalize themselves in internet forums. They blame society, but above all women, for their loneliness. The postings of the young men on the Internet are harrowing and reveal their worldview ...

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