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Mica 1-3
Hope for all

A Judgment Message for Israel and Judah (Chapters 1-3)

Samaria's downfall

1 This book contains the messages that Micah of Moreschet received from the Lord. During the reign of the Judean kings Jotam, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, God revealed to him what would happen to Samaria and Jerusalem:

Listen, all you peoples! Be careful, you inhabitants of the earth! The Lord God stands as a witness against Israel[a] up, he comes from his holy temple. Look! He descends from his abode in heaven and strides over the peaks of the earth. Under his footsteps the mountains melt like wax in the fire, they flow into the plain like water down the slope. Deep crevices break open in the valleys.

This happens because the Israelites, the descendants of Jacob, sinned against the Lord and turned their backs on him. Who Is Responsible for Israel's Debt? Its capital Samaria! And who seduced Judah into idolatry at the sacrificial sites? Its capital Jerusalem!

That is why the Lord says: “I will tear Samaria to the ground and throw the rubble down into the valley. I'm razing the city to the ground; vineyards will then be planted where it was! I have all the idol statues of Samaria hewn to pieces, the carved images are destroyed by the flames. The looters in turn pay their whores with the valuable items that were acquired from the temple whores' wages. "

Micha mourns the fate of his people

That's why I lament and cry, full of sadness I walk around barefoot and without an outer garment. I howl like a jackal, scream like an ostrich. For Samaria’s wounds are incurable, and Judah is not spared either. Yes, even Jerusalem, the capital of my people, is near doom!

10 Don't tell the Philistines in Gath about it, don't show them your tears! Roll yourselves in despair in the dust of Bet-Leafra![b]11 Flee naked in disgrace and disgrace, you inhabitants of Shafir! You of Zaanan, you will not even dare to leave your city! Bet-Ezel no longer offers you protection, you can only hear loud complaints there. 12 The people of Marot tremble with fear and hope to get away again[c] for the Lord has already made the enemy advance to the gates of Jerusalem.

13 Harness the horses and flee, you people of Lachish! You have seduced the people of Zion to sin, you are just as godless as the northern kingdom of Israel! 14 That is why you must also give Moreschet in the area of ​​Gat. The kings of Israel had set their hopes in the city of Achzib. But they are disappointed as if by a brook whose water runs dry in summer.

15 You inhabitants of Marescha, your city will also fall victim to the conqueror whom God sends you! Then Israel’s noble men will have to hide in the Adullam cave.[d]16 Cut your hair in sorrow, Judah, until you are as bald as a vulture! Because your residents, your beloved children, are being dragged off to a foreign country!

Bad times await you!

2 Woe to those who lie awake at night making sinister plans! They put everything into action early in the morning because they have the power to do so. When they like a piece of land, they grab it; if you see a beautiful house, it will soon be yours. They are violently robbing entire families of their homes and property.

That is why the Lord announces to them: “Now I will make dark plans against all of your clan. You can no longer pull your neck out of the loop, you will never again carry your head so high! Bad times await you! The day will come when people will sing a song of mockery to you and ape your complaints:

›We are destroyed, God gave our land to the enemy. They took everything and divided our fields among themselves! ‹

If the Israelites get the land back later, you get nothing. No one of the Lord's people will give you a piece! "

»Stop talking!« the false prophets revolt. “Nobody should gossip like that! No, such a shame will never come upon us. Is that what people say to us descendants of Jacob? Can the Lord really lose his patience with us? We don't even know him like that! "

But God answers: “My words only bode well for those who live the way I like! But my people have long rebelled against me. If someone comes past you unsuspecting, you plunder them. Yes, you attack those who feel safe[e] and even take their cloaks away!