How can detox help you lose weight

This is how you detoxify the body in 24 hours to lose weight

You should start the new year with verve. It is questionable, however, where this momentum should come from. Certainly not from the hungover mornings after Christmas and New Year's Eve. Not even from the many hours on the sofa, from which you only moved to get more cookies. Detox helps. And it has to be done quickly, preferably no longer than a day. Then you don't even notice the effort because the detox program is over as quickly as it came. You will be rewarded with skin without gray veils and impurities as well as a better silhouette. And of course with new momentum.

7-point detox plan to lose weight in 24 hours

The good news: You don't have to do anything for the first item on the Blitz Detox program. Except that in the eveningBinge watchingskip Netflix and go to bed early. Because the detoxification organs live, gall bladder and kidneys work at full speed between one and three o'clock, the body also uses the night's rest for a general overhaul in terms of regeneration: the skin cells renew themselves during sleep and healing processes are promoted. In addition, the cholesterol and stress level decreases, which then has a positive effect on weight loss.

A centuries-old, effective detox tip is oil pulling: before brushing your teeth, simply pull a tablespoon of coconut or linseed oil between your teeth. The milky liquid is then spat out again. The effect: The oil has a strong antibacterial effect and it absorbs any non-water-soluble poisons and acids like a sponge. By the way, you get whiter teeth with this Ayurvedic method.

As tempting as coffee is when you wake up, if the body has not been hydrated for about seven hours, the first thing you should do is drink plenty of water. It is best to place a large glass next to the bed. This removes harmful substances from the body all the faster and gives the cells a new boost of freshness.

4. Short stretching sessions

You don't necessarily have to jog for an hour every day to stimulate the detoxification processes in the body. A few targeted stretching exercises in the morning or in between in the office bring fresh oxygen into the circulation, and the lymph flow is also excellently stimulated. The permanent fatigue is quickly a thing of the past and when the pulse is raised, the blood flows better through the muscles and calories are burned faster.

A simple exercise from yoga is detoxifying in the rotating seat: To do this, sit up straight with your legs stretched out. Now place the right foot across the left knee and gently turn the upper body to the right while the left arm hugs the right knee. Hold the rotation for 30 seconds, then switch sides.

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Doesn't even feel like a diet: Avoid heavy and fatty foods throughout the day, as well as foods containing salt and sugar. Even a glass of red wine in the evening is taboo during a 24-hour detox, as alcohol slows down the metabolism, which means that fat loss is also on the back burner. In addition, alcohol has a strong dehydrating effect. Meanwhile, dehydrating foods such as asparagus, cucumber, celery, fennel and parsley as well as detox teas with plant extracts such as peppermint, dandelion and nettle are important. This effectively helps against the bloated stomach after the party season and balances the acid-base balance in the body.

6. Sweating in the infrared sauna

Now you are almost done the detox day. After work, the best thing to do is to go to an infrared sauna: this not only warms the body perfectly in winter, it does boosts the immune system and sweat also remove toxins and water retention from the body. Plus: With the light waves from the infrared lights, you don't sweat as much as in a classic sauna - which is pleasant if you have an appointment for dinner afterwards, for example. The glow on the skin is included for free.

7. Do not impose any prohibitions

Finally, the best rule of the 24-hour detox: You shouldn't be too strict with yourself. If you forbid yourself to any unhealthy food after gluttony on Christmas and New Year's Eve, this automatically leads to food cravings. So it can be a serving of french fries, a piece of chocolate or a waffle with berry compote - but in moderation, please. Conversely, this also makes it easier to take another lightning detox day from time to time.

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