Why do we eat vegetables

Why we should eat more fruits and vegetables

In our fast-paced times, in which we all too often eat fast food and ready meals, the intake of important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals is often neglected. Whether you order a burger to the office at lunchtime or have a sandwich to hand - the foods that can be obtained quickly are usually not really healthy. The vitamin and mineral content in the food quickly falls by the wayside - it's all about getting full quickly. Here we explain why it is still very important to integrate more fruit and vegetables into our everyday life.

A stressful everyday life needs nutrients

Precisely because we can always be reached and have to do so much more in less time, our body is constantly running at full speed these days. It is actually logical that a whole range of nutrients are required in order to be able to continue like this in the future and stay healthy. Most of us can't do this with the usual, fast diet and consume far too few vitamins and minerals. Especially with a mineral and electrolyte deficiency, you can quickly feel exhausted and tired - exactly what we all really don't need, when you always have to be fit.

A vitamin deficiency can also quickly impair our performance and here and there a piece of fruit or vegetables can actually do no harm. Those who spend a lot of time at their desks are particularly demanding on their eyes. Vitamin A helps to support and maintain eyesight - especially for those who sit in front of the screen all day. However, many vitamins, such as vitamin C and E, are essential for our immune system and must be taken in sufficient quantities to keep the body fit and to be prepared for a stressful everyday life.

Fruits and vegetables to maintain health

In order to replenish the balance of important nutrients in the body, you should consume fruits and vegetables daily. This not only provides you with fresh energy from carbohydrates, but also with all the vitamins you need to arm yourself optimally for a strenuous everyday life. This is especially true because you have to consume some vitamins at regular intervals so that they are not flushed out of your body right away. Whether organic carrots from freshorado for the extra portion of vitamin A or a juicy orange to meet your daily requirement of vitamin C - you have so many options to get the necessary portion of vitamins and minerals with delicious and healthy snacks.