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Do you have an innovative business idea, a startup or a project to sell? There are good reasons why in some cases it would make more sense to present a certain concept to an already successful company instead of wanting to start it yourself. Because these companies usually have enormous financial, technical and marketing skills to successfully place business ideas, startups and projects on the market.

The mystartups portal enables people from all over the world to present their apps, startups, applications and internet projects to potential buyers due to lack of time or costs and thus to get these startups back on the road to success. After registering for free, you can present yourself with a mystartups profile and sell your projects.


This is how easy it is to work mystartups: After registering, select the package you want, enter a title, a category and your purchase conditions. Then you describe your start-up, upload pictures and set a price. Your ad is ready. Prospective buyers contact you via the form and you negotiate the further conditions (e.g. price, design). If you have any questions or requests, you can contact us at any time.



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