How is color psychology used in marketing

Colorful Marketing - A Foray into Color Psychology

Not only the aesthetic aspect plays a role in the choice of colors. Our subconscious associates certain things with colors, which are triggered in us when we perceive them. Therefore, the selection can not only be decisive for the branding, but also help in the optimization of advertising campaigns in general.

Webpage FX constructed an infographic that deals with color psychology and contains some tips for marketers. The graphics are a little older now, but the facts are still valid and the effect of the colors has not changed either. With the category of chakra, a spiritual direction comes in, which should rather clarify how long the associations of the colors with the emotions and characteristics have already existed.

We have selected the use of colors for marketing purposes for you. You can find more statistics, more detailed explanations and more examples in the infographic.

Red - emotions, appetite, passion and love

  • accelerates the pulse
  • stimulates the appetite
  • conveys urgency
  • leads to impulse buying

Brand examples: Lego, McDonald’s and Netflix

Yellow - warmth, stimulation, communication and happiness

  • stands for optimism and youth
  • attracts attention
  • conveys clarity

Warning: Excessive use can cause eye pain and, according to the infographic, makes babies cry.

Brand examples: Shell, Hertz and IMDb

Blue - peace, quiet, sky and water

  • inhibits appetite
  • promotes productivity
  • preferred by men
  • conveys security and trust

Brand examples: Facebook, American Express and Skype

Orange - enthusiasm, warmth, warning and excitement

  • encourages buying, selling and signing up
  • leads to impulse buying
  • stands for self-confidence
  • can provoke aggression

Brand examples: Hooters, amazon and Blogger

Green - health, money, growth and nature

  • ensures relaxation
  • stands for fertility
  • is associated with wealth
  • the human eye is very sensitive to it

Brand examples: Android, BP and Starbucks

Purple - wealth, success, wisdom and kings

  • is often used for beauty or wellness products
  • has a calming effect
  • stands for creativity and imagination

Brand examples: Yahoo !, T-Mobile and craigslist

The infographic:

Source: Webpage FX

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