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Librarian training in Bavaria

Depending on the school-leaving qualification, three different library training paths are available in Bavaria: dual vocational training for specialists in media and information services (FaMI), the bachelor's degree in library and information management at the University for Public Service in Bavaria (HföD) and the legal clerkship for Scientific librarians at the Bavarian Library Academy.

Specialist for media and information services (FaMI)
The dual vocational training for specialists in media and information services takes place in the respective training facility (academic or public library) and the municipal vocational school for media professions in Munich. Practical vocational sections and block lessons alternate with one another. The training begins on September 1st each year and usually lasts three years. During the training, the FaMIs are employed by the teaching library.

Bachelor Library and Information Management
The library and information management bachelor's degree lasts three years and usually begins on October 1st. There are alternating specialist study sections in the archive and library department in Munich and practical professional study sections in the training library (scientific library). The course takes place within the administration. The trainees are called to the civil service relationship on revocation and receive candidate payments.

Scientific librarian
The legal clerkship for academic librarians lasts two years and also begins on October 1st. The training takes place in a dual system: the trainee lawyer spends the first twelve months at the training library (academic library), followed by the theoretical training phase at the library academy in Munich in the second year. The trainee lawyers are also appointed to civil servant status on revocation during their training.

You can find more information about training in Bavaria on the homepage of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and nationally on the homepage of the library portal. On the platform aubib.de, students of the Bachelor's degree in Library and Information Management provide information about studying and working in academic library science in Bavaria.

Job search

You can find out about job vacancies in libraries in a number of ways. The INETBIB mailing list, the job exchange on the homepage of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek and the OpenBibliojobs website are special library offers. Further sources of information can be found on the homepage of the library portal. Current job offers are also published on the websites of the respective university libraries or universities.