Should we free Cornwall

Pat Smith is over 70 and has always been one with nature, these days she is often out on the beach with her grandchildren or hosting an event for Final Straw Cornwall! Final Straw Cornwall was their idea.

Being active and determined to make a change for good is part of their personality. So it was only a matter of time before Pat launched her own campaign to tackle the plastic and climate crisis we are in today.

She started out by motivating people to turn down plastic straws. In the meantime, she clears entire stands of washed up rubbish.

“I created the Final Straw to raise awareness of the catastrophic damage we are doing to our oceans from the occasional use of single-use plastics. I feel obliged to my children and grandchildren to do something about it. "

Pat recognizes that it is her generation who created most of the 88 billion tons of plastic that has been produced since 1948 and still exists on earth today. In 2017, she made a very special New Year's resolution for 2018: cleaning up a beach every week. And she has achieved her goal! Together with her grandchildren and other volunteers, she cleaned the beaches in her home town of Cornwall from plastic.

We have great respect for this woman and we should all learn from this commitment.