What's wrong with your favorite show

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Find and watch your favorite shows quickly, get answers and control your smart home: Assistant is now at your side on compatible TVs. Simply press the microphone button on your remote control and

The probability of precipitation is today
No, it won't rain, it will mostly rain

Plan the day

With your permission, you will receive information about your daily routine, your flights or your way to work. You can also have current weather and traffic information in your

Show me some popular action movies

Discover content

Find your favorite shows and films and discover new ones. You can easily sort content by genre, year or

Play Stranger Things
Ok, Stranger Things will be on
I'm happy to provide

Play content

You can watch your favorite shows and movies, or control your media - everything

Dim the lights
The light in the living room
Turn the
Ok the temperature

Control your smart home

You can control your connected smart home devices using voice commands. For example, the temperature can be adjusted and the light switched on

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