What does a clinical psychologist do

Clinical psychologist

Job description

Clinical psychology is a specialty in psychology. It deals with both mental illness and mental aspects of physical illness. Clinical psychologists deal with the emergence, classification and dissemination of disorders and are used in teaching and research as well as in practical application in the field of health care, i. H. active in prevention, diagnostics, counseling and treatment. Quality assurance, quality control and evaluation, as well as the cooperation with representatives of other health professions (see e.g. doctor, qualified psychiatric nurse), are of particular importance.

Most clinical psychologists work in their own or group practice, where they deal with diagnosis, counseling and treatment of their clients. Using various psychological instruments (e.g. checklists, structured guidelines, interviews, test procedures, apparatus-based procedures), they clarify which disorder is present and give advice (information transfer, solution-oriented advice, conflict discussion, etc.) and treat their clients according to the previously diagnosed Disorder.

Information on occupation and training can be found on the homepage of the Professional Association of Austrian Psychologists - Section Clinical and Health Psychology.

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