Is the passion called success

Passion - What willingness has to do with change

I'm always amazed at how I flow when I'm burned for something. When it comes to a new project, a new lecture or a show and the spark of passion jumps over, the rocket ignites. Suddenly the motivation comes naturally. You find solutions where you didn't even see a way to go before. It makes you more creative. Time flies by and efficiency shoots up.


Interestingly, if you have the right passion, you come across as extremely charismatic and thus get a favor far more often. Who are we more likely to help? People with a why. Those who are passionate usually have a very strong why.


The kickstart to change


It all sounds easy, doesn't it? If only there weren't that bastard ... Once you've pushed him off the sofa, thanks to intrinsic motivation, he won't get back on your inner couch anytime soon. Only sometimes he claws his way into the upholstery at first. So what?


Then to let It's best to kick your bastard off the couch. Sometimes you just need an exchange with other people or an aha moment and suddenly things move. Where a fat, lazy mythical creature was lounging, suddenly the path you want to go arises. You have concrete ideas for change, look forward to this path and glow with anticipation. And when do you push your bastard off the couch?


Get passionate!


Are you still looking for the path to your passion? With these five tips it will definitely work:


1. How instead of what. You like your job and enjoy doing it. But you really can't be passionate about it? Then ask yourself what puts out the fire, what can you actively do to make your task more enjoyable. Is it other work equipment? Another working time model? Another method?


2. Passion or something that creates suffering ... Are you still looking for your passion? Then write down three things you are great at and three things you love dearly. You will find your true passion in the intersection of the two.


3. Play. Children still play intuitively and therefore with passion. You too can learn to play again - without fear of the consequences. Try, ask, be curious like a child. With this piece of positive naivety you will also regain a good portion of passion.


4. Don't be ashamed, do it. What do the others think of me then? It doesn't matter at all. You want to feel comfortable with your task, your goal. The experiments along the way are not embarrassing, but important and necessary and, in the best case, fulfilling and goal-oriented.


5. Normally fatal. Break out of habitual (thinking) patterns. Let your thoughts wander and keep thinking where you might think at first: “That's crazy.” Even crazy things can fulfill you - and make you successful, because at second glance it is not so crazy, but definitely is realistic.