Revolvers, how useful they are

A catch firearm should be handy, light, safe to use and effective. Whether revolver, pistol or both, everyone decides for himself. The handling of handguns requires special care.

By Hans Joachim Steinbach

Storing handguns in locked cars is not permitted under any circumstances.

1. What general difference does the legislator make for the acquisition of long and short guns?

The holder of a valid annual hunting license, day hunting license or youth hunting license can at any time purchase long guns (except for self-loading guns whose magazine can hold more than two cartridges) for hunting and must have them entered in a corresponding gun ownership card within one month .

However, hunters are only entitled to purchase handguns with an annual hunting license. When purchasing handguns, a preliminary entry in the WBK about the type and caliber of the weapon is required at the authority. After purchasing the weapon, it must be entered in the WBK within two weeks. While the hunter can acquire all kinds of ammunition for long weapons with the hunting license, he can only acquire ammunition for short weapons for the short weapons registered in the WBK with an ammunition acquisition permit.

2. What are the major differences between revolvers and pistols?

The revolver is more simply constructed and can be handled accordingly. The drum is both a magazine and a chamber. When the drum is loaded, the revolver is basically ready to fire. At the »Single action« the cock is cocked for this purpose "Double action" the cock can also be cocked over the trigger.

The gun contains a magazine for the ammunition. The first cartridge from the magazine is fed to the chamber by pulling back the slide. The pistol loaded in this way must be secured. After the first shot, the other cartridges are automatically fed from the magazine to the chamber. The pistol is usually more comfortable to carry, lighter and handier, but more complex in terms of care and maintenance.

3. When can a handgun be used for hunting?

Shooting at game with handguns is prohibited except as a catch shot (with a weapon with a muzzle energy of at least 200 joules) and during trapping and construction hunts. In the case of particularly difficult searches in dense forest, in corn or rapeseed, a short weapon may be better used than a long weapon. Each dog handler decides for himself.

In the case of accident game, the catch can be fired at close range with a handgun. A small-caliber handgun also makes sense when hunting for predatory game caught alive in traps.

4. How must handguns and ammunition be kept or stored?

In general, all firearms and ammunition must be kept safe. The owners must ensure that these do not get lost or fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. Handguns must always be locked separately and protected from access by a safe or security lock. Only the authorized person is allowed to have a key, not the family members. Weapons and ammunition must be stored separately. Storage in a locked car is by no means safe. The responsible authority must be notified of the loss of a weapon within one week.Photo: Hans Joachim Steinbach