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Ghana Anchors of stability in West Africa

Ghana is largely democratic and acts as an important anchor of stability in West Africa. The country has been successfully pursuing a policy of good neighborliness and regional integration for decades.

The economy in Ghana depends heavily on the export of a few products such as gold, oil and cocoa. The fluctuating world market prices for these goods have a significant impact on the country's economic situation.

In 2010, Ghana made the leap into the group of low-middle-income countries. The differences in development between the economically strong coastal region and the north of the country are, however, very large. Ghana's successes in achieving the Millennium Development Goals aimed at by 2015 have been remarkable (call up the encyclopedia entry for the term) *. Ghana was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to cut poverty levels in its population in half compared to 1990 levels.

Development cooperation

Ghana is one of the partner countries of German development cooperation with which the Federal Republic works closely on the basis of intergovernmental agreements. Development cooperation focuses on the areas of decentralization, the promotion of agriculture and sustainable economic development.

In the field of renewable energies, Germany and Ghana signed a reform partnership in December 2017. In addition, Germany promotes the proper and environmentally friendly recycling of electronic waste.